Made in Hope Cafe

Made in Hope Cafe - An Uplifting Spot for Hand-Crafted Coffee Drinks and Acai Bowls
The Bottom Line:

Made in Hope Cafe is a partner of Made in Hope, an organization designed to fight the atrocities of human trafficking. Customers are encouraged to hang out while enjoying a coffee, tea, or acai bowl. 

- The Local Expert Team

Made in Hope Cafe is a faith-based cafe in the community, one that welcomes everyone in with open arms. The drinks are fun and flavorful and the meals are colorful and nutritious. Plus, the revenue from the business benefits our world in numerous ways. When you learn more about the nonprofit partner of this cozy place, you’ll see that the cafe has truly earned its name. 

Made in Hope Cafe was created to sustain the cafe’s non-profit partner, Made in Hope. These charitable organization partners with ministries that help women and children who have been exploited by human trafficking. They empower people to make a new life for themselves, one that includes education, sustainable employment, and healing. The staff provides access to mentors and counselors who will be there for them during a difficult transition. 

The cafe is really a place for people to come together, so you’re likely to see students hanging out or families playing a board game. This community center helps bring awareness to atrocities in the world, but they’re also there as a space for people to escape to. It’s located on a campus that includes the Made in Hope Center, which houses everyone from sports groups to youth retreats throughout the year. People come to Maui to enjoy the island, and Made in Hope gives them a place to stay while they soak up the sun. 

For anyone who’s interested in how the organization came to be or what the staff’s background is, you are highly encouraged to ask questions. Peter Selvey, the Director of Operations, says that even informal questions and discussions can lead to the real answer to what lies behind the organization. There’s more to it than the menu would suggest. 

Employees were drawn there because the staff’s values align with their own, and they want neighbors in Maui to know how valuable they are to the community. The larger mission is to keep having conversations and strengthening one another, so real change can occur both on the island and beyond. 

When you’re at Made in Hope Cafe, we recommend the following dishes:

Pitaya Bowls 
Also known as dragonfruit, pitaya grows in Central America and tastes a lot like a hybrid of a pear and a kiwi. The flesh may be either white or red, though both versions make for a treat. A bowl here includes granola, honey, bananas, and strawberries, and includes your choice of topping (e.g., mallow bits, chocolate chips, fruit jellies, etc). There are also premium toppings for an extra cost, like bee pollen, peanut butter powder, or chia seeds. 

The Strawberry Bomb  
Strawberry black tea, strawberry jelly, and condensed milk made up this delicious concoction, one that parodies boba with its firm bits of fruit-flavored jelly. The ‘bomb’ part of this drink’s name comes from these little balls made of flavors like lychee and mango. They cause little popping sensations in your mouth, making this order interesting until the last drop. 

Maui Mokka Peaberry 
Mokka Peaberry is a relatively rare type of bean. It’s not easy to harvest, which makes it one of the more exotic flavors on the menu. These beans are about the size of lentils, and they’re about as easy to roast as they are to harvest. Known for its balanced acidity, silky mouthfeel, and dark chocolate aroma, we highly encourage you to try this when it’s on the menu. 

Made in Hope is beloved by the community, and not just because it’s a good hang-out spot. People come for a coffee, tea, or snack, and stay for a much-needed dose of optimism. 

Insider Tips:
-Made in Hope Cafe is located on a larger campus, and the sign is not easy to see from the street. 
-On-site parking is plentiful. 
-Families and students are encouraged to stay for a board game or two (preferably without their phones on).