Nutcharee’s Authentic Thai Food

Nutcharee's Authentic Thai Food – Where to Go on a Bold Flavor Journey in Kihei
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4.5 / 5
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For classic Thai dishes made with the freshest ingredients around, plan a trip over to Nutcharee's Authentic Thai Food. Located in Kihei’s Azeka Shopping Center, this casual eatery makes it its mission to satisfy all your cravings at every visit. Their quality service shines through in all they do as well, although they don’t always have time for small talk.

- The Local Expert Team

Whenever you’re in the mood for time-honored Thai recipes made using fresh ingredients and a whole lot of love, jet on over to Nutcharee’s Authentic Thai Food. At this Kihei eatery, you can get all the fan favorites, including Chicken Satay, Tom Yum, and Pad Thai. They also have all the best red, green, and yellow curry dishes around. Every last item on their menu features the finest local ingredients, ensuring that you get the fresh, bold flavor in every bite.

The quality of their food brings people in from far and wide on a daily. They stay busy all day long as a result, which can make it difficult to grab a table on the fly. Thankfully, they’ll happily reserve a spot for you if you call ahead. Otherwise, you’ll need to get on the waitlist and kick around the Azeka Shopping Center a bit until a spot opens up. Want to skip the wait and get straight to grubbing on your selections? Call before you leave your hotel to put in an order for takeout. They’ll have your items ready to go by the time you arrive.

Dining in the house is definitely worth the wait, however. Their upscale dining room lets you dine in luxury, while the chill vibe ensures you feel right at home. Their quality service is second to none as well, although they’re far too busy for a lot of small talk. Your server will get you cozy at your table, give the kitchen your order, and whisk out your food and drinks as soon as they’re ready. After that, you’ll be left alone to enjoy each bite at your leisure, so feel free to slow down and truly savor your meal.

Stop by to try the:

Ayuth Taya Sampler
For a taste of all their most popular appetizers, order up the Ayuth Taya Sampler when you arrive. This starter features a mix of e-san sausage, coconut shrimp, and either fresh summer rolls or fried spring rolls. It comes in sizes fit for two or four, so be sure to decide how much of an appetizer you want before you order.

Braised Short Rib Curry
A true house specialty, the Braised Short Rib Curry goes big on the flavor plus brings on the heat if you prefer. This gluten-free dish starts with braised beef short ribs in a rich masaman curry. To that, they add potatoes, onions, and carrots and bring it to your ideal level of spice. The sprinkle of peanuts over the top is optional but well worth getting for the light sweetness they bring to the dish.

Thai-Style Chicken & Cashew Nut
To take a deep dive into a true classic, get the Thai-Style Chicken & Cashew Nut. This entrée features chicken, green onion, onions, red bell peppers, cashews, and mild chilis sauteed to perfection. Once all that’s done, brandy deglazes the pan before their housemade sauce goes over the top to bring it all together.

If you end up having any room in your belly for dessert, treat yourself to the Coconut Tapioca before you hit the road. This simple, yet wholly delightful dish features perfectly cooked tapioca in a rich coconut cream sauce. Prefer something a little brighter? You cannot go wrong with the Mango Sticky Rice.

Insider Tips:
-Check into Yelp when you arrive and get a 10% discount.
-When dining with a large group, reservations are a must. If you’re dining with six or more in your party, expect to see an 18% gratuity automatically added to the bill.
-Look for “Vegan by Request” on the menu if you’re craving meatless fare. Then, just ask your server to hold the meat when you order. Gluten-free dishes are marked with “GF” on the menu.
-Menu items marked with a chili pepper have an adjustable spice level. Choose between mild, medium, hot, and Thai hot.