The Coffee Store In Napili

The Coffee Store in Napili – Where to Kick Your Day into High Gear While in Napili
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4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Freshly brewed coffee, delicious snacks, and many other wonders await your visit at The Coffee Store in Napili. Arrive bright and early in the morning – or swing by in the early afternoon for a midday pick-me-up. Either way, you’re sure to satisfy all your cravings while enjoying plenty of aloha.

- The Local Expert Team

If you want to enjoy handcrafted coffee grown, roasted, and prepared in Hawaii, get on over to The Coffee Store in Napili. At this cozy Napili coffeeshop, they go all out in brewing up all the best espresso drinks around, including their signature Coconut Mocha. The team only uses their house beans to create every cup, ensuring you get the best flavor experience around every time.

They don’t stop at just coffee either, although they definitely could. Fruit smoothies, sweet baked goods, and savory sandwiches round out the menu beautifully. With all their offerings at your fingertips, it’s always easy to satisfy all your cravings, no matter when you come by. You’ll have to act fast, however, if you want a taste of what they’re serving up. They open their doors bright and early in the morning, and then close up right after the lunch rush.

With their fresh-made goodness on tap for a limited time, they stay plenty busy all day, too. So, make sure you have enough time to get through the long line and order your goods before they close up shop. Once you do get a chance to put in your order, you’ll have your items before you know it. The team works fast while putting plenty of aloha at the heart of all they do. They even add an artistic touch to many of their drinks, quickly topping coffees with cute cats, flowers, and more.

Upon receiving your order, plan on hitting the road. Although they used to offer space to sit back and relax, their in-house dining options are not available at this time. That could change in the future, but for now, it’s best to go over to your favorite beach for great views while you enjoy your selections.

Get on over here to try the:

Mainline Mocha
A fan favorite on their specialty coffee menu, the Mainline Mocha promises to delight your tastebuds from first sip through to the very last. This awesome coffee drink features a shot of rich, robust espresso hit with a dash of milk. Then, they take it all to the next level by pouring in the sweetened condensed milk and chocolate syrup.

Blue Crush Smoothie
When you want to put a little pep in your step, go with the Blue Crush Smoothie for a fruit fusion to remember. This drink starts with high-quality apple juice offering the right mix of sweet and sour. Then, they blend the juice with blueberries, strawberries, and bananas to create a bright, bold flavor combo. 

Turkey Pesto Sandwich
When you need to fuel up for fun in the sun, treat yourself to the Turkey Pesto Sandwich. Available all day, this sammie begins with sprouted grain bread generously topped with pesto mayo. Over that, they pile on the turkey, provolone cheese, tomato, lettuce, and avocado. Then, they slice it in half and serve it up with a smile.

If you’d like their coffee magic after returning home, order your beans from their website. They have all their top flavors, like Hawaiian Hazelnut, Vanilla Mac Nut, and Hula Pie available in half and full-pound bags. You can get yours sent as whole beans or select your favorite grind. They’re happy to prepare the beans for your machine. You just have to let them know if you’d like your coffee ground fine, coarse, or somewhere in between. 

Insider Tips:
-Want to skip the line? Go to their website to submit your order before you leave your hotel. Then, jet on in to pick up your items without the wait.
-If you’d like to share your love for their coffee and more wherever you go, buy a few stickers to put on your water bottle, coffee cup, and other gear. They’re dishwasher safe!
-To elevate your island adventures even more, grab a bag of their ground coffee to pop in the coffeemaker in your hotel room.