Kitoko Maui

Kitoko Maui – Serving Up Five-Star Dishes from Their Quaint Food Truck
Local Expert's Rating:
5.0 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Fresh ingredients, expert preparations, and artistic plating – Kitoko Maui checks all the boxes when it comes to offering the perfect fine dining experience. The only difference? They do it all from their chill food truck located in the heart of Kihei. You definitely have to see it to believe it, so don’t hesitate to swing by and check them out.

- The Local Expert Team

When you’re in the mood for fine dining dishes but want to keep it lowkey, you cannot go wrong with a trip over to Kitoko Maui. Located mere blocks from Laie Beach, this quality food truck goes big on flavor by transforming fresh, island ingredients into truly creative bentos, sandwiches, and more. Their artistic plating techniques promise to blow you away, riveling Michelin star restaurants in both creativity and execution.

All this magic happens under the direction of lead chef and owner, Cole Hinueber, oftentimes only with a cashier on hand to help handle the rush. Using his pastry chef training, he dreams up inventive ways to use all the fresh ingredients carefully sourced from all over the island. Then, he works hard to build bold flavors before putting everything in the takeout containers with immense artistic flair.

As you get your takeout dishes from Kitoko Maui, you can settle down at the picnic tables all around. Or you can take your selections to the beach to enjoy them while gazing upon the beautiful views. Either way, be careful not to shake up the contents as you get settled in your selected spot or you could risk ruining the beautiful plating.

Once you’re ready to enjoy your selections, give yourself a moment to slowly pull open the containers and simply marvel at the creativity before you. The bright colors, fun arrangements, and interesting garnishes all tantalize the senses long before you take the first bite at Kitoko Maui. Upon finding it difficult to hold yourself back for another moment, you can dig in and enjoy the equally impressive flavor combos used to build each dish.  

You cannot go wrong with these items from Kitoko Maui:

Swordfish Bento
When you want bright ocean flavors in every bite, you cannot go wrong with the Swordfish Bento. To create this dish, Kitoko Maui sears fresh swordfish until perfectly rare, and then slices it up thick before sprinkling on sesame seeds. Alongside the fish, you get umeboshi, sushi rice, and kimchi plus whatever chef’s sides they have up that day.

Crispy Chicken Bento
If you’re in the mood for crisp, yet tender chicken cooked up just right, the Crispy Chicken Bento at Kitoko Maui is calling your name. This dish features white meat chicken fried to perfection with the skin on to create the right balance of texture and flavor. Then, they place it alongside seaweed sesame salad, sushi rice, and umeboshi.

Ahi Reuben
For a whole new take on sandwiches, you need to try their Ahi Reuben. They create this dish by perfectly preparing their pepper-crusted ahi pastrami and slicing it thin. Once that’s done, they build the sandwich on their signature seaweed focaccia bread. Along with the ahi, this sandwich gets seaweed and kimchi to brighten up the flavors and add plenty of color to the mix.   

Made with love using an old family recipe, Auntie Jennifer’s Banana Bread is the perfect way to end your food truck dining experience. To make this winning dessert, they bake up perfectly moist banana bread, create thick slices, and then cover each one in a rich salted caramel sauce, meringue, and dehydrated kumquat slices. Want something a little different? Go with their Lilikoi Brown Butter Almond Financier or one of their many house-made sorbets.

Insider Tips:
-Although rare, it’s possible for them to close up shop to cater for a private event. Kitoko Maui aims to let everyone know ahead of time through their Instagram and other social media profiles.
-Expect to see a long line to the window whenever you arrive. Don’t let that deter you, however, as all their food is well worth standing around for a bit.
-Looking for something a little different from their regular offerings? Just ask at the window if they have any other bento boxes, sandwiches, or other creations on tap. They often have specials available upon finding interesting ingredients while restocking the truck.