Coconut Glen’s

Coconut Glen's – Where to Get Organic, Vegan Ice Cream on the Road to Hana
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4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Although organic, vegan ice cream might sound like nothing but a pipe dream, Coconut Glen’s has actually willed it into existence. To get a taste of this scrumptious sweet treat, you’ll need to cruise down the Hana Highway to mile marker 27 ½. All their flavors are as good as the next, so don’t be surprised if you find it hard to choose.

- The Local Expert Team

When you want a refreshingly delicious treat while traveling down the Hana Highway, stop by for Coconut Glen’s Ice Cream. Located right at mile marker 27 ½, this funky bus serves as the ice cream shop of choice for locals and tourists in the know. In fact, many people stop in at first glance while cruising down the Road to Hana, and then come back again for another bite on the return trip.

Despite all the interest, their ice cream goes well beyond the norm as it’s both vegan and organic. Although that definitely goes against the grain, the results are phenomenal. All their flavors exceed everyone’s wildest expectations, starting with their rich, luscious original coconut. As if that’s not enough, they roll out new flavors on the regular, intent on wowing the crowds at first taste.  

When you arrive, you’ll want to take a look at all the options, and then perhaps ask around a bit to get a feel for what’s popping that day. You’ll likely need more than a few minutes to choose between all the options even though there are less than a dozen on the board. Can’t decide what to get? Ask for a scoop of each of your top two flavors. If that still doesn’t do it for you, order the mystery flavor and get ready for whatever comes your way.

After getting your selections, feel free to lounge around on site and enjoy your ice cream to the fullest. They have plenty of spots to kick back and relax in the sun and the shade. If you’re lucky, Glen might even come around to chat and share amazing stories of island fun and adventure.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with their:

Original Coconut
A true classic, the Original Coconut serves as the base flavor for all their creations. So, be sure to get a bite at least once to experience where it all began. This flavor also pairs well with all the others, so it’s a great choice when you want a double scoop in one cup.

Pineapple Banana
Whenever you order the Pineapple Banana, you’ll get to savor all the best tropical flavors from the very first bite through to the last. This flavor often sells out fast, however, so don’t be surprised if they zip away to shake up another batch while you wait.

Chili Chocolate
Although it’s a newcomer in the lineup, the Chili Chocolate instantly landed on the list of fan favorites. The rich chocolate pairs perfectly well with the spicy chili, creating a flavor profile to remember. This flavor is not yet available in their all-new pints, so you’ll have to arrive on site to give it a try.

Coffee Toffee
The Coffee Toffee is somewhat of an unlikely pairing, but it just works. You’ll want to let each bite slowly melt in your mouth to taste all the complex flavors inside. The toffee comes through first with its intense sweetness while the coffee takes its time in dancing its bold, bitter flavors across your tastebuds.

Many of the best flavors at Coconut Glen’s are now packaged and ready for purchase at many popular shopping centers on the island. So, check the freezer cases whenever you land in local stores to see if you can get a taste. With its vibrant swirls across the label and shiny gold cap on top, the container should easily catch your eye. Just be ready to hem and haw over all the amazing flavors in front of you before selecting the one that you fancy the most.

Insider Tips:
-They are a cash-only establishment, so be sure to hit up an ATM long before hopping on the Road to Hana.
-All their ice cream is gluten-free, dairy-free, and 100% vegan. Their items may include nuts and other allergens, however, so ask if you’re unsure.