Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice – Lahaina

Ululani's Hawaiian Shave Ice – Where in Lahaina to Get Tasty Syrup and More Over Ultra-Soft Ice
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5.0 / 5
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As your sweet tooth starts acting up on your travels through Lahaina, set your sights on Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice. Their incredibly delicious sweet treats boast big flavor thanks to their high-quality syrups and fun additions, like snow cap, toasted coconut, and Roselani’s gourmet ice cream. Their never-ending “alohatude” elevates the experience even more, making you feel like family at every visit.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

With their “alohatude” leading the way, Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice is definitely a top spot for sweet treats in Lahaina. Their syrup recipes always use the finest ingredients, including natural fruit juice and 100% real cane sugar. Then, they build big flavor over their ultra-soft ice by adding all the extras you could ever want, like Roselani’s ice cream, li hing mui powder, and fresh mochi.

Upon rocking up to their order window right along Front Street, you’ll need to think fast to decide what to order. Start by selecting what shave ice size you want. Keiki works best for the kids, while their original, The Ulu, tends to satisfy most patrons. If you only believe in going big or going home, then get the Nui, but be ready for a seemingly endless flavor experience.

After that, you must decide if you want ice cream or azuki beans because those get hidden beneath the mound of shave ice. Their ice cream flavors include vanilla, haupia, and macadamia nut. The azuki beans, on the other hand, are only available from time to time, so definitely get those if you have the chance.

Once you build the base, it’s time to think about what syrup flavor you want. Their top nine most popular flavors are coconut, mango, strawberry, pineapple, vanilla, passionfruit, guava, cherry, and calamansi. If you’d like something a little different, look at their dozens of other flavors, like blue raspberry, bubble gum, coffee, cola, pickled mango, red velvet, and sour apple. Or you can simply go with a popular combo, like the POG-inspired Sunset Beach.

After that, it’s just a matter of deciding if you’d like any toppings thrown over the picture-perfect shave ice. Love a sour kick? Then, li hing mui powder and reduction drizzle is the way to go. Or you can go the ultra-sweet route with snow cap, fresh mochi, or haupi cream. Their toasted coconut is well worth adding to the mix whether you go full-on sweet, sour, or a little of both.

Throughout your visit, you’ll get treated to a healthy dose of “alohatude” from the team. A winning combo of aloha and gratitude, this way of life never fails to make you feel right at home from the second you arrive.  

Get a taste of their:

Sunset Beach
If you want to leave the creativity up to the team, just select Sunset Beach as your syrup flavor combo. This mix features passion orange, guava, and mango syrups that take the classic POG flavors to the next level.

For decadent sweetness in every bite, treat yourself to the Haleakala. This shave ice creation features both coconut and Leche syrups plus a free snow cap over the top.

No Ka Oi
No Ka Oi means “The Best” and they’re not kidding around when they say that. By selecting this flavor combo, you’ll get passionfruit, mango, and coconut that keeps you coming back for more at every visit to Maui.

If you need to keep it sugar-free, you don’t have to skip the trip to this shave ice shop. Instead, turn your attention to their sugar-free syrup flavors, like cherry, guava, pineapple, lime, peach, watermelon, and vanilla. Then, skip the extra toppings in favor of simply enjoying the soft shave ice-covered in up to three syrup flavors of your choice.

Insider Tips:
-If they’re going to keep the shop closed for the day, they’ll put an announcement at the top of their website. So, make sure to check in before walking out the door or risk getting your hopes up. 
-Their syrups are gluten-free, so you can skip the wheat while still enjoying your sweets.
-Although they do have covered seating out front, you won’t regret taking your shave ice across the street to enjoy beneath the banyan tree.