Ester’s Fair Prospect

Esters Fair Prospect – Swing by for Tasty Drinks in an Ultra-Cute Wailuku Tiki Bar
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4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Whenever you want tasty drinks served with flair, set your sights on a visit to Esters Fair Prospect. At this adorable tiki bar in Wailuku, flavorful cocktails of all kinds call your name, including their ever-popular daiquiris. If that’s not quite your style, come by for beer, wine, or even straight shots – plus all the snacks you could ever want.

- The Local Expert Team

At Esters Fair Prospect, they proudly serve as the place to go when you want to sip on the tastiest drinks in paradise. Their quaint tiki bar sits in the heart of Wailuku, making it a convenient spot to land in between all your island adventures. With help from their team, bar owners Jessica Everett and Suzanne Navarro welcome all their patrons through the doors with open arms. Then, they work hard to keep the good vibes going all evening long.

Each visit gives you a chance to sample their exquisitely good craft cocktails, always made using quality spirits and the local ingredients to match. If that’s not quite your speed, then they’re happy to roll out the beer, wine, and shots at your request. They even have a snack menu with small bite plates boasting the biggest flavors around. Their oysters are the star of the show, for sure, although you cannot go wrong with a dish of guac and chips for scooping.

Whether you’re after drinks alone or want the full spread, their super cute tiki bar aesthetic sets the stage for a memorable visit. Their two-tone hardwood bar serves as the focal point for the space, although their live edge wood tables compete for your gaze. Tropical flower-adorned wallpaper, wicker pendant lights, and live plants beautifully complete the scene. If you’re lucky, you can even snag a spot in their wicker egg chair, and then kick back to enjoy the serene ambiance all around.

You can count on enjoying good vibes from open to close as the staff sets the tone with their bright aloha spirit. Every last patron gets welcomed through the doors with a warm greeting and genuine smile. Then, the team goes above and beyond in inspiring lively chatter with their guests, all while playing upbeat music. Locals and tourists alike make fast friends with each other as a result, creating a warmth that resonates through the space.

Swing by to try the:

Esters Daiquiri
For a taste of their signature creation, you absolutely must try the Esters Daiquiri. They start this drink with their house rum blend and then hit with lime and cane sugar. After that, absinthe goes into the mix to make it even more magical before bitters complete the picture of perfection.

Comfortably Numb
If you’d like a drink with a tropical kick, treat yourself to their Comfortably Numb. They make this drink by mixing rum and sherry to start. Then, they bring in the pineapple, coconut, and orange flavors. Right at the end, it all gets a sprinkle of cinnamon to liven things up even more.

Pulled Pork Sliders
Whenever you want to enjoy bite after bite of pure decadence, you cannot go wrong with the Pulled Pork Sliders. They make this dish by braising pork low and slow in beer and pineapple juice. After that, they pull it apart and put a hearty helping on a series of Hawaiian sweet rolls. Pickled slaw joins the party right after that to bring all the flavors together.

Although the oysters are always on the menu, they’re not available all the time. They only serve this delectable dish when they can get their hands on the freshest oysters on the island. When that happens, they promptly get to work in serving them up fresh on the half shell three to six at a time until they sell out. So, make sure to ask if they’re available whenever you come in, and then order your fill pronto to avoid missing out.  

Insider Tips:
-If you want to come by for happy hour, time your visit between 3 pm and 6 pm.
-Regularly check their social media pages for special events, like the beloved Art Show & Craft Sale.
-Want a quieter spot to enjoy your drinks and snacks? Head outside to the small patio seating area.