Maui Brewing Co.

Maui Brewing Company - Learn More About the Brewing Process at this Massive Maui Brewery
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Looking for a fun afternoon with just a dash of learning and a round of good brews? If so, then look no further than the Maui Brewing Company's Kihei location with its tourable brewery, tasting room, and restaurant. 

- The Local Expert Team

Hawaii vacations are perhaps more synonymous with fruity cocktails than with foamy beers, but that doesn’t mean these islands don’t like their hops. You will find several notable brewing companies throughout the island, but the longest-standing one of them is the Maui Brewing Company.

The Maui Brewing Company first opened its door in 2005 at a flagship location in Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii. The company was created by then-boyfriend-girlfriend and now a husband-wife duo, Garett Marreoro and Melanie Oxley. Two people who grew up loving microbrewing and sustainable living and desired to combine the two into one fantastic operation. Thus, the Maui Brewing Company was formed.

Today, the Maui Brewing Company has several locations, including new brewery expansions on the mainland that have enabled the couple to share their chilled beverages with even more people. You probably have already seen the Maui Brewing Company name on beer taps and bottles at your favorite brewpub and package store. This review is going to look specifically at the big brewing operation and tasting room located in southwest Maui on the outskirts of the village of Kihei.

To get to the Maui Brewing Company’s Kihei location, you will simply drive north from Wailea on Piilani Highway until you hit the first big intersection that has a street cutting east. That street is Lipoa Parkway and the Maui Brewing Company at Kihei is just down the way.

Important note that this is no small brewery. What you will see as you drive up is a massive industrial building with a roof of solar panels — remember, the duo behind Maui Brewing Company has always been passionate about sustainability. The Kihei location is part production facility and part tasting room with a full restaurant. All of these parts are found across an 85,000-square-foot-facility that the Maui Brewing Company has impressively made 80% energy self-sufficient. That energy comes from the massive solar panel array that’s backed up with Tesla battery storage. 

If you choose to do the full Maui Brewing tour, part of it will go through how the brewing facility has been able to incorporate the solar panels as well as other aspects of sustainability. The full VIP Production Facility is a fantastic choice both for this purpose and for those wanting to learn more about the complete beer-making process the Maui Brewing Company has mastered. This includes a guided tour through the cellar and packaging line that is finished with a delicious tasting at the Kihei Brewery Tasting Room.

For those who would rather skip this more intensive tour, consider the more drinking-focused guided tasting. This guided tasting takes four of the Maui Brewing Company’s flagship beers and introduces guests to each of them via one of their expert craft beer curators. This is a great choice for those looking for an easy and inexpensive afternoon event for their party.

Whether you choose one of the more curated events or not at Maui Brewing Co, give your party some time to linger at the brewery’s restaurant and tasting room. The restaurant here offers full meal service, including delicious crispy chicken that pairs well with many of the beers made right on-site, as well as the more obvious drink service. The restaurant’s sriracha French fries are another fan favorite. Sit outside on their patio after sunset and enjoy your drinks amidst the cozy lights of strung fairy lighting. 

Are you or one of your party members not a fan of traditional beers? You have come to the right brewery! In addition to the long list of delicious Maui Brewing Company beers, the tasting room and restaurant also serve Kupu Spirits, another Hawaiian-based alcohol company. Plus, the brewing company’s own line has expanded and now includes hard seltzers!

Insider Tips:
The Maui Brewing Company now offers virtual tours. So if you can’t wait until your vacation, grab your favorite Maui Brewing Company beers from your local package store and then log in and learn just how that drink got to be so good.