Nalu’s South Shore Grill

Nalu's South Shore Grill – Top Spot for Casual Eats, Live Music, and a Chill Vibe
Local Expert's Rating:
4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Amazing Hawaiian dishes, tropical drinks, and live music set the tone for the meal of a lifetime at Nalu’s South Shore Grill. Their chill vibe and friendly service help, too, making it easy to kick back and relax after all your Maui adventures. Beyond all that, their casual setup will have you feeling right at home in an instant, making sure you’ll come back whenever hunger strikes.

- The Local Expert Team

As a truly casual eatery, Nalu’s South Shore Grill makes it easier than ever to satisfy your every craving. Although they are a sit-down restaurant through and through, you must walk up to the front counter to order up classic Hawaiian fare, tropical cocktails, and so much more. Once your order is ready, they’ll bring it right out to whatever table you’ve decided to grab in the meantime.

All the while, you can hear local musicians wowing the crowds with their latest tunes. Regular acts include Kenny Roberts, Ron Kuala’au, and Ah Tim & Joey, although you never know who’s going to swing by and play their hit jams. With live music on tap seven days a week, this eatery maintains a chill vibe at all times. The friendly service at Nalu’s South Shore Grill helps as well, ensuring that you feel right at home as soon as you walk through the doors.

Everyone gets a warm Aloha upon arrival and a genuine Mahalo when it comes time to leave. In between, the servers do what it takes to get all the orders to the tables in a timely manner, while largely leaving all their guests be as they enjoy their meals. Don’t hesitate to let them know if you need anything, however, as they’re always happy to lend a hand.

Although it’s definitely worth the time to come by for the live music and chill vibe, the real magic lies in their tasty Hawaiian fare. Nalu’s South Shore Grill offers poke, loco moco, and all the fan favorites, giving you a chance to satisfy all your cravings at every visit. With one look at the menu, it’ll be immediately apparent that you’ll need to visit multiple times to get a taste of all the dishes that catch your eye.

Treat yourself to these items from Nalu’s South Shore Grill:

Nalu’s Loco Moco
Available all day long, Nalu’s Loco Moco puts a scrumptious twist on a classic by removing the meat without compromising on flavor. Instead of a beef patty and brown gravy, this dish features a homemade tofu, spinach, and quinoa patty set on top of a scoop of brown rice. Over that, they add two eggs cooked how you like them plus a no-beef mushroom gravy. Their tasty mac salad lands alongside to complete the meal perfectly.

Maui Fruit Bowl
For a taste of all the bright, tropical flavors on the island, you’ll need to try the Maui Fruit Bowl. This breakfast favorite features Kula strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, banana, papaya, dragon fruit, and plenty of fresh Maui Gold pineapple chunks. But that’s definitely not all. It also has whipped Greek yogurt and homemade granola plus brown sugar and citrus zest over top. As if all that’s not enough, they also put a brown sugar-Hawaiian chili crostini on the side before serving up this treat.

Crab Cake & Greens
Kicking off the lunch menu is the decadent Crab Cake & Greens from Nalu’s South Shore Grill featuring all the best island flavors. They create this dish by frying up two crab cakes, and then putting them alongside a mix of Kumu Farms organic greens. To the greens, they add kale, avocado slices, and upcountry tomatoes before covering it all in their mango salsa and mango vinaigrette.

When available, the malasadas at Nalu’s South Shore Grill are absolutely worth saving a bit of room in your belly. With their light, air dough, sugary coating, and tasty filling, each bite is better than the last. Although they are plenty good on their own, the macadamia nut topped whipped cream takes their flavors to the next level. So, be sure to dip each one in the whipped cream before popping them into your mouth.

Insider Tips:
-Want discounts on appetizers and drinks? Come to Nalu’s South Shore Grill during happy hour every day from 3 pm to 6 pm.
-When big musical acts come into town, they often offer a four-course dinner deal that includes tickets to the show. Don’t want to partake? Just ask to enjoy regular menu items at their outdoor tables instead.