Yak and Yeti (Formerly Kamana Maui)

Kamana Maui – Where to Go in Kihei for Delicious Indian Cuisine in Big Portions
The Bottom Line:

For tasty Indian cuisine served with a smile in Kihei, jet on over to Kamana Maui.  On their mile-long menu, they have something for everyone, no matter what flavors you favor. Want to try a little bit of everything? Swing by on Sundays for their buffet.  

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

When you’re in the mood for authentic Indian cuisine and delicious drinks, set your sights on Yak and Yeti (formerly known at Kamana Maui). At this popular Kihei eatery, they have all the classics on their mile-long menu, including Chicken Korma, Lamb Vindaloo, and Shrimp Biryani. They have all the best vegetarian fare as well if you prefer to skip the meat.

No matter what you order, you can count on them to prepare every dish using fresh ingredients, time-honored recipes, and traditional tools. For their Tandoori, for example, they put each dish in the tandoor clay oven until cooked to perfection. Everything comes in huge portions, perfectly suited for sharing with your tablemates. Just get a few different dishes and have everyone take a couple of scoops of each for a well-rounded meal.

You’ll only run into problems with that approach if everyone cannot decide on a spice level. Their dishes come mild as a rule, but they’ll turn up the spice accordingly if requested. They don’t take requests lightly, so only ask for medium or hot if you can handle the heat. If you get your meal too spicy, the beautifully seasoned basmati rice can help temper things a bit. Their naan bread is always there to help out as well.

When you simply cannot decide what to try, plan your visit for Sunday. On that day, they roll out their full buffet, so you can try all the dishes that capture your attention. Whether they’re serving their meals by the plate or buffet-style, you’re welcome to pair your food with beer, wine, or non-alcoholic beverages.

You don’t get that option if you order takeout or delivery, however. Dining in house also lets you enjoy sitting out on the patio and watching the world go by as you eat. The open-air ambiance elevates your dining experience wonderfully as does their friendly service. The servers can get quite busy, however, so be sure to let them know what you need when they swing by the table. Or you might end up waiting far too long to make your request.

Come in to grub on the:

Vegetable Pakoras
The Vegetable Pakoras come packed with awesome veggie flavor in a wickedly yummy batter. To create this appetizer, they plunk fresh veggies in their well-seasoned batter to create five fritters. Once they’re done, they land on the plate for your pure enjoyment.

Lamb Boti Kabab
A true Tandoori favorite, the Lamb Boti Kabab comes packed full of classic flavors in every bite. This entrée starts with cubed lamb soaked in a rich marinade. Then, they put the lamb in the clay oven to cook to perfection. After that, the sizzling lamb pieces land on a bed of onions. Basmati rice comes on the side, plus a dish of tikka masala sauce for dipping.

Palak Paneer
For rich, cheesy goodness in every bite, treat yourself to the Palak Paneer. This vegetarian favorite starts with plenty of fresh spinach cooked down with a secret mix of spices. After that’s done, they add cubes of homemade cheese to create a decadent dip to enjoy with naan bread.

Since they make everything to order, don’t be surprised if it takes a while for your food to land on the table. If you’re in a hurry, submit your order online or by phone before you leave your hotel. They also offer delivery in their immediate area if you prefer.

Insider Tips:
-When using their online order form, don’t forget to add your desired tip as a line item.
-When dining in-house with six or more, they’ll automatically add an 18% gratuity to your bill. If you believe your server deserves a higher tip, just add to it when you pay.
-If you’d like vegan dishes, browse the menu for items with VG at the end of the name.