Bubba’s Shack Maui

Bubba's Shack Maui – Delicious Food to Fuel Your Adventures on the Road to Hana
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5.0 / 5
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When hunger strikes on the Road to Hana, you cannot go wrong with a trip over to Bubba’s Shack Maui. A food truck to remember, this eatery goes big on the flavor while rolling out the aloha for all. Their Bao Buns easily steal the show, but there’s a little something for everyone on their menu.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

While traveling the Road to Hana, a stop by Bubba’s Shack Maui is an absolute must. Their Bao Buns, Island Style Tacos, and other imaginative creations have what it takes to fuel you up for all your Road to Hana adventures. And their bright, bold flavors will have you boogying back to their full-service food truck whenever you’re nearby.

If you’re traveling from Paia Town, you’ll come across this food truck about an hour down the Hana Highway. So, just get a quick snack before leaving town to ensure you have enough room in your belly for all the food truck deliciousness. Otherwise, you might miss out on getting to sample all the different flavors they have on tap that day.

As you travel down the highway, you will know you’re close upon seeing the swaying palm trees at the Valley Isle Memorial Park. Look across the highway from there and the food truck will instantly come into focus. There are no set parking spots, so just pull out of the way and hop in line to await your turn to order.

Their menu changes often as seasonal ingredients come and go throughout the year. So, take the time to read through it all, top to bottom, to see what’s up for grabs whenever you visit. Just remember that you can order their items how you’d like them by asking for substitutions, taking out ingredients altogether, or just asking for extra sauce.

No matter what you order, the team will create your item from scratch using fresh, local ingredients. Since they handcraft every meal, it can take a bit to prepare your order. Fortunately, they have picnic tables set up nearby where you can take a load off and enjoy the view of the bright blue skies. Once your items are ready, they’ll call your name from the order window and serve up your items one by one.

You can then return to your table and chow down before continuing on your travels down the Hana Highway. You’re welcome to stick around for as long as you want though, making it a great place to stretch your legs and get a breath of fresh air.

Fan favorites on the menu:

Bao Buns

A true local favorite, the Bao Buns provide a big kick of flavor in every bite whether you get the vegan, veggie, or pork belly varieties. Available in orders of one, two, and three, these buns begin with dough rounds steamed to perfection. To that, the chef adds your toppings of choice plus miso mayo, hoisin ginger sauce, microgreens, and pickled vegetables.

Plate Lunch

When you just want to go with a true classic, treat yourself to the Plate Lunch. When you order, you’ll have to choose your main entrée from all their options, including Kalua Pork, Ahi, Mahi Mahi, or Veggie. Alongside your main selection, they’ll add mac salad, rice, and slaw plus teriyaki sauce on the side.

Island Style Burrito

Often ordered with extra sauce, the Island Style Burrito promises to satisfy all your cravings in an instant. To prepare this dish, the chef puts Kalua Pork, Mahi Mahi, or Veggies in the center of a tortilla. Over that, they add rice, slaw, and queso fresco. A little bit of spicy mayo, hoisin ginger sauce, furikake, and lime take the flavors to the next level.

If you’re craving sweets after finishing your meal, head back up to the window to ask about their baked goods. More often than not, they have banana bread, muffins, and more, all wrapped up and ready to go.

Insider Tips:
– Although the food truck accepts cards and Apple Pay, the nearby coconut pineapple vendor does not. So, bring cash, for sure, while traveling the Road to Hana.
– Look for the whiteboard to see their daily specials, like Volcano Rings and Fresh, Squeezed Limeade.