Farmacy Health Bar Wailuku

Farmacy Health Bar Wailuku - Health-focused, Vegan-friendly Restaurant in Downtown Wailuku
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4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

The Farmacy Health Bar is a fantastic vegan-friendly, health-focused lunch and early dinner spot located in downtown Wailuku. Their menu items include a couple of faux meat products but most are unique items that are crafted from the freshest, high-quality organic produce sourced from Maui and other Hawaiian islands. 

- The Local Expert Team

There are fewer places where it is better to be vegan or vegetarian than the state of Hawaii. Here, you are going to find an incredible array of dishes that aren’t just made from meat-substitution products, but ones that also feature the best in local produce and fresh grains. These are the types of foods that will rejuvenate and inspire those who wouldn’t necessarily call themselves vegetarians to partake and explore the culinary possibilities. One such place that is guaranteed to always have delicious veggie-friendly menu options is the Farmacy Health Bar Wailuku.

The Farmacy Health Bar Wailuku first opened its doors in 2014 under the culinary leadership of chef and owner Christopher Malik Cousins. Cousins’ desire with the business was to create a dining spot where he could share his and his family’s love for fresh, healthy foods. He has stated that he was inspired by his mother who always served up healthy, delicious meals for him as a child.

At the Farmacy Health Bar Wailuku, guests can expect dishes and drinks made from only the freshest, high-quality natural ingredients. This includes power smoothies to get you through the morning as well as nutritious snacks and filling lunches. Cousins carefully chooses his ingredients both based on their health benefits as well as taste. For example, instead of ordering organic sugar or granulated sugar to sweeten things like the Farmacy Health Bar’s juices and smoothies, he has chosen organic sugar cane. The juice made from organic sugar cane has higher concentrations of calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, and manganese, which makes it a more alkaline-forming base than other types of sweeteners, including organic sugar. While more expensive, Cousins insists on using organic sugar cane and other alkaline ingredients because of their nutritional benefits and the research indicating serious diseases and illnesses cannot survive in alkaline environments. Remember, his goal with this menu is in part to promote health — all aspects of health.

You will find the Farmacy Health Bar Wailuku on the popular corner of Market and Main in downtown Wailuku on the island of Maui. This is a very bustling intersection and Wells Park is just one block south, making for a nice pit stop for those doing window shopping or otherwise meandering this area of the city. The Farmacy Health Bar at Wailuku is open Wednesday through Monday for lunch and early dinners (10 am to 6 pm most days)

Popular menu items at Farmacy Health Bar Wailuku include:

Acai Bowl
The Acai Bowl is undoubtedly the most popular menu item amongst regular patrons of the Farmacy Health Bar. Many will in fact tell you that this is the best acai bowl on the island! This dish comes served as a thick smoothie parfait with a consistency similar to a sorbet. The parfait comes loaded with a layer of granola and chunks of freshly cut fruit. 

BBQ Jackfruit
Farmacy Health Bar takes fresh jackfruit and shreds it up, barbecuing it in their special vegan sauce and serving it between thick slices of bread. The idea here is to simulate or reimagine the pulled pork sandwich, and they certainly fulfill on it and then some! Order with a side of soup for a truly savory and filling meal. 

Insider Tips:
-This is a small, walkup counter-service restaurant, and yet the wait can make you feel like it’s more of a sit-down restaurant. All menu items are made to order and so one should come in expecting a 20 to 40-minute wait.  
-The small interior also means that there is no room for tables indoors. There are some benches outside to eat at, but most people take their food to go. A quick and pretty place to enjoy your meal can be found just one block north on Market St. Here, you’ll find a space with food trucks and picnic tables where you can enjoy your meal at.