Halfway to Hana

Halfway To Hana: Perfect Place To Stop
The Bottom Line:

The Halfway to Hana outdoor stand is located halfway to Hana at Mile Marker 17 in Haiku, Hawaii. This family-owned business serves freshly baked banana bread, shave ice, ice cream, fresh fruit, beverages, and made-to-order sandwiches. 

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

If you’re taking the scenic route to Hana on the Hana Highway, there’s a special place about halfway there you have to see. Stop at the Halfway to Hana outdoor stand that is located at Mile Marker 17 in Haiku. The clever name is easy to remember. You’re probably about two hours on the road when you get there making it a great time to get something to eat, drink and stretch your legs. You can’t miss the signs located along the highway. They are so colorful and pop right out of the landscape. There’s plenty of free parking and ample seating. Make sure you stick around for a while and experience some of the most gorgeous scenery Hawaii has to offer.  Relax underneath an authentic thatched roof, called a “hale” where you can enjoy the shade. Take in the vibrant beaches, lush forests, and cascading waterfalls. They are so breathtaking that you will instantly understand why this spot attracts nearly 400,000 visitors each year.

There’s something special about this roadside stand that has served locals and visitors for more than 30 years. The view is spectacular, the customer service is second to none and the food is freshly prepared daily! This is the place to stop and recharge during your long journey to Hana. You’ll love the tropical oasis that is right in the middle of nowhere. Prepare to see breathtaking landscapes in the background. Nearby waterfalls are a stunning vision you’ll treasure forever. The clouds seem to gently kiss the mountain tops. Take a video so when you get home you can vividly remember the sights and sounds of this fantastic view. Listen to the magical music of the waterfalls. There’s nothing quite like it!

You are also in for a tasty experience. There’s plenty to eat and drink on the Halfway to Hana menu. The banana bread is one of the most popular selections. Give it a try. Some say it’s Maui’s best. The owner bakes it fresh daily using bananas grown right on the Halfway to Hana farm! Every slice is served warm, and it melts right in your mouth. You can even try a slice as an ice cream sundae. There’s something about warm banana bread and cool ice cream that will satisfy your sweet tooth. The banana bread also pairs beautifully with a pineapple smoothie, a delightful tropical taste combination!

Take a look at other goodies on the menu:

Freshly Made Sandwiches Like:
BBQ Kalua pork, Egg salad, Tuna salad, and Turkey

Fresh Fruit Shave Ice Like:
Banana, Bubble gum, Cherry, Coconut, and Cotton candy

Fresh Fruit Like:
Coconut slices, Bananas, Pineapple, and Passion Fruit

Ice cream Like:
Vanilla, Mint chip, Coconut, Hot chocolate , and Kona coffee

Other Goodies Like:
Homemade beef jerky, Coconut Candy, Chips, and Ice

Here’s a travel tip. Before you head out, pack a cooler in your vehicle. The banana bread is so luscious, you’ll want to take a few extra loaves with you. Grab a bag or two of Aunty Pearl’s sweet coconut candy, too. It is made with the freshest coconut, tossed in raw brown sugar, and toasted to perfection in a light brown glaze. Scrumptious! If you can bear to part with it give it as a gift to someone special back home, and they’ll love you for a lifetime! If there is room in the cooler, pack some fresh fruit including a few bananas and fresh coconut slices for snacking! Remember you have about two more hours to go before you make it to Hana. These tasty treats will surely come in handy. Remember, it’s all about the journey, not the destination. Enjoy the ride!

Insider Tips:
-No restroom is available on the property, so be sure you go before you stop here.
-There is a convenient ATM onsite!