Sam Sato’s

Sam Sato's – Maui’s Lowkey Spot for Scrumptious Noodles and More
The Bottom Line:

A true Wailuku favorite, Sam Sato’s serves as the place to go when you’re craving scrumptious noodles and other savory delights. Although their Dry Noodles are a must, all their menu items exceed all expectations. Craving sweets instead? Go for their Banana Hotcakes, and then stick around for the Turnovers and Manju.

- The Local Expert Team

Set back from all the action along the beaches of Wailuku, Sam Sato’s serves as the place to go when you need to fuel up for all your Maui adventures. Their sweet and savory dishes draw in the crowds from open to close, especially during the lunch hour.

No matter when you arrive, you simply cannot miss the chance to enjoy their Dry Noodles. This local favorite boasts big flavor in every bite and promises to get you feeling fully satisfied well before the noodles run out. If you’d like your noodles prepared a bit differently, they also have Saimin, Won Ton Mein, and Chow Fun available all day long.

Not in the mood for noodles? Not a problem. You can always get burgers, teriyaki plates, and even breakfast if you wish at Sam Sato’s. Whatever you order, just make sure to save a little room for their sweet Manju and Turnovers.

Although there’s frequently a waitlist for a table at Sam Sato’s, it’s well worth sticking around in hopes of something opening up soon. Their low-key dining spot is the perfect place to kick back and relax while grubbing on their flavorful dishes. If you simply cannot wait, you can get takeout and zip on over to the nearby beaches to enjoy all your selections.

You definitely need to try these items at Sam Sato’s:

Dry Noodles
Well-known as their house specialty, the Dry Mein Noodles bring people in from all over the island, day in and day out. Available in small, large, and double, these noodles come fried up just right and covered in bean sprouts, scallions, and char siu, or Chinese BBQ pork. Although it’s plenty good on its own, be sure to dip each bite in the flavorful broth that comes alongside to take your experience to the next level.

Banana Hot Cakes
When you want to start your day out right, you definitely need to treat yourself to their Banana Hot Cakes. To create these delicious pancakes, they put down their light, airy batter on the griddle, and then add sliced bananas as it cooks. Then, they flip it and brown the other side before bringing it out to your table piping hot with a side of butter.

If you love hand pies, you absolutely must try the Turnovers at Sam Sato’s, which are always made fresh daily. Their Pina Colada filling is the most popular, but they also have peach, apple, pineapple, coconut, and blueberry. Although you can just buy one in your favorite flavor, it’s wise to get them all to enjoy one by one as you explore all Maui has to offer.

With their cake-like texture and decadent filling, it’s no wonder their Manju usually sells out well before lunchtime rolls around. Although the name might throw you off, the Lima Bean Manju is a fan favorite, but you cannot go wrong with the Red Bean Paste Manju as well. Want to ensure you get a taste? Just call ahead of time to reserve your selections, and then pick them up by 4 pm.

Despite your best efforts to save room for the Turnovers and Manju at Sam Sato’s, you’ll likely end up with a full belly by the end of your meal. But that’s okay. You don’t have to miss out. Just ask for your sweet treats to go and they’ll pack them up for your later enjoyment. You can then put them on the counter until your stomach settles and you’re ready for dessert.

Insider Tips:
-Elevate your meal even more at Sam Sato’s by asking for the sweet hot mustard hiding behind the counter.
-They only take cash payments, so get on over to the ATM before swinging by.
-Want to bring home a memorable treat from Sam Sato’s? Get a box of Manju as omiyage to share with all your friends, family, and coworkers.
-Need to feed a crowd? Get their small- to an extra-large pan of noodles to feed between 10 and 60 people with ease.