Cafe Des Amis

Cafe Des Amis – Offering a Journey Through French, Mediterranean, and Indian Cuisine in Paia
The Bottom Line:

Café Des Amis is an ultra-cute Paia eatery with a focus on rolling out global fusion fare at its finest. They bring on the French and Mediterranean flavors for their apps and crepes, while their curries let you savor decadent Indian cuisine. Whether you dine inside or out on the patio, you’ll get the highest quality of service as well.

- The Local Expert Team

When you want to go on a culinary journey unlike anything you’ve ever experienced, get on over to the Cafe Des Amis. Set in beautiful Paia, this cozy eatery builds bold flavors in every dish by using local ingredients and the chefs’ unique culinary backgrounds. If you come in for appetizers and crepes, you’ll get to take a deep dive into French and Mediterranean flavors. But set your sights on their curries and their rich Indian cuisine will sweep you off your feet.

No matter what you order, you’ll love to sit in their lovely dining room or outdoor patio. With its tropical décor and laidback atmosphere, the exquisite setting instantly gets you ready for a memorable meal. When dining outdoors, the shade covers offer protection from the sun while still letting gorgeous sun shafts through here and there. Indoors, the ambiance is equally pleasant as tons of natural light comes through the big windows.

Their servers go all out in perfecting your dining experience as well by putting aloha at the center of all they do. Friendly greetings all around will welcome you through the doors to start your visit off on the right foot. From that moment forward, you can count on your servers to do all they can to land their restaurant at the top of your favorites list.  

Swing by for these items at Cafe Des Amis:

Vegetarian Mediterranean Platter for Two
If you want to kick back and relax while munching on flavorful fare, you cannot go wrong with the Vegetarian Mediterranean Platter for Two. This popular starter features a wonderful mix of hummus, cucumber raita, Indian slaw, olives, tomatoes, roast Mediterranean veggies, pesto, and pita bread.

Vegetable Curry
For bright veggie flavors in a rich sauce, treat yourself to the Vegetable Curry. This dish begins with the creation of their decadent coconut sauce with cilantro, tomatoes, and Tamil spices. Once that’s hot, they cook carrots, spinach, cauliflower, peas, and potatoes in the sauce until fork tender and ready to enjoy. Basmati rice comes on the side, plus a complimentary chutney if you’d like.

Spinach & Feta Cheese Crepe
The Spinach & Feta Cheese Crepe at Cafe Des Amis puts all the best savory flavors right at your fingertips. When you order this dish, they’ll fill a crepe with spinach and feta cheese, and then heat it up. After that, they put it on the plate with salad greens plus your choice of dressing. You can get either lemon tahini dressing or balsamic herb vinaigrette and sour cream.

Banana, Toffee Sauce, and Cream Crepe
Whenever you need to satisfy your sweet tooth fast, go with the Banana, Toffee Sauce, and Cream Crepe. As the name implies, this crepe comes filled with pure decadence in every bite. Although you can take your crepe to go, it’s well worth sitting down and savoring all the amazing flavors.

Whether you’re coming in for crepes alone or a full meal, the bar at Cafe Des Amis is always ready to take your dining experience to the next level. They have many excellent wine varieties on tap, like sparking Prosecco Ruffino, plus a handful of top-notch brews. If you prefer a cocktail, the bartender will happily whip up whatever you request, including popular breakfast drinks like a Mimosa or Bloody Mary. Want an alcohol-free culinary journey? Just select from their coffee, tea, hot chocolate, fruit juice, and so much more.

Insider Tips:
-For discounts on drinks at Cafe Des Amis, swing by for happy hour daily between 4 pm and 6 pm.
-When dining with eight or more in your party, expect to see an 18% gratuity automatically added to your bill. If your service exceeds that tip amount, feel free to add to it.
-For an extra charge, you’re welcome to substitute your normal crepe for gluten-free, vegan buckwheat and chia crepe.
-The limited eateries in Paia often leave the top spots full of hungry patrons. So, don’t be surprised to have at least a 30-minute wait for a table to open up. Want to avoid the wait? Give them a call and book a table for whenever you plan to be in town.