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4.5 / 5
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Joy’s Place is described as a mom-and-pop establishment committed to delivering healthy, fresh products that enable you to take care of your body and health. Love also goes into each and every product and Joy’s Place products encourage families to eat together and promote wellness and great quality of life. 

- The Local Expert Team

Operating as a small commercial kitchen in Pukalani, Maui, Joy’s Place has become a popular favorite of tourists as well as island residents. Joy’s Place originally was opened in Kihei, some 23 years ago as a restaurant committed to serving healthy meals for Maui’s south shore. Since 2011, with the opening of its Pukalani location, it has further specialized in hand-crafted drinks, kale chips, organic soups, chilis, and live sweets. It has been a place in which to put all the recipes that were tried and beloved at the old location into commission once again. 

The owners and operators of Joy’s Place believe that the foundation of good health is food that is simply prepared from wholesome ingredients. Everything you find at Joy’s is made with love. There is also a line of nourishing live food at Joy’s, which has become immensely popular. Everything is produced in small batches, using only high-quality, nutrient-rich, superfoods, which are combined with produce from Maui.

Joy White, the owner of Joy’s Place cares deeply for people and their health and well-being. She is not interested in food trends or fads, or quick fixes, especially when it comes to diet. Instead, she believes that the best food is in its closest state to what nature has already made. Joy is exceptional at taking great food to the next level in both taste and nutrition. In addition to being the owner of Joy’s Place, she is also the director of Joy’s Place Live! Which produces delicious live foods, drinks, and cleanses. 

Tyuan Sereda is another notable contributor to the success of Joy’s Place. She came on board back with Joy’s Place was in its Kihei location. She attended the School of Natural Cookery in Boulder, CO, and has taught ‘Smart Eating’ cooking classes at Joy’s. She has even been vital to the production and recipe development of Joy’s Place Live.

If you aren’t familiar with the term “live food” this is another way of saying raw food. It is made with plant-based ingredients, prepared simply with juicers, processors, and blenders. No live food is ever heated over 115 degrees in an effort to preserve its nutrients, and they are often sprouted or soaked as well to aid in digestibility. Live foods are also naturally detoxifying, and nutritionally dense, meaning they are satisfying even in small amounts. They are also high in protein and loaded with vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and enzymes. 

Guests claim that Joy’s Place takes the work out of eating clean and healthy foods. There is something for everyone to try no matter if you are a pescatarian, meat eater, vegan, or vegetarian. In addition, there are goodies as well that will rival your favorite dessert recipe. Joy’s Place also specializes in cleanses which are designed to initiate change and wellness within the body. They have gentle nourishment and give the body a rest to pave the way for healthier foods and a lifestyle of wellness. All cleanses are packed up in insulated bags and feature Green Juice with Coconut  Water, Green Shake with Spirulina, Turmeric Tonic with Black Pepper, Vanilla Almond Shake with Hemp, and a Cleansing Soup. 

The daily menu at Joy’s Place features both live products or foods and take-home meals. Some guest favorites include the following…

Live Products:
Also known as raw or unprocessed. Joy’s Place features favorites like Almond Shakes, Almond Coconut Cookies, Dehydrated Kula Kale Chips, and Crackers as well as Immune Booster Tonic and Fermented Live Ginger Kombuchas, Sauerkraut, and Beet Kvass. 

Take-Home Meals
Other fares from Joy’s Place include some take-home meal options such as Greek Quinoa Salad, Green Protein Salads with Homemade Dressings, Organic Meat, Vegan Soups, and Fish, or Organic Sandwiches, Spring Rolls, and Wraps. 

Insider Tips:
-There is convenient parking in Pukalani Square on the Pukalani side of Makawao Ave. 
-Joy’s Place is working consistently to develop new products with the intent to fulfill the purposes of healing, nourishing your bodies, and cleansing, all while tasting good.