Mama’s Fish House

Mama's Fish House – Where to Get Hawaiian Delicacies Made with Artistic Flair
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4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

At Mama’s Fish House, you can get your fill of Hawaiian delicacies made using fresh, local ingredients. Beyond that, they offer the full island dining experience complete with Polynesian décor, oceanfront views, and the friendliest service around. They even have valet parking attendants on hand, so you can swoop in and enjoy your meal without delay.

- The Local Expert Team

Mama’s Fish House always goes above and beyond in transforming fresh, local ingredients into Hawaiian delicacies. From uku and onaga to papio and ahi, all their fish comes fresh from Maui fishermen each day and ends up on their guests’ plates within 24 hours. They even list the fishermen by name and highlight where their catches came from on their daily menu.

Although the fish is the star of the show at Mama’s Fish House, they hand select all the other meats, produce, and fruit as well. Then, they rely on their culinary expertise and time-honored recipes to create every dish with artistic flair. All their menu items are out of this world delicious as a result and their plating techniques are equally impressive.  

Although the food alone is well worth the visit to Mama’s Fish House, there’s something to be said about their fine dining experience – and it all starts with their fantastic North Shore location. Since they’re set just beyond Kuau Cove, nearly every seat in the house boasts amazing views of the rocky shores, sandy beach, and ocean beyond. Talented windsurfers are a regular sight, as are gorgeous seabirds, swaying palm trees, and colorful sunsets. With all that magic in your midst, you’re sure to remain completely enamored with the beauty of the island as you enjoy your meal.

To elevate your dining experience even more, every staff member at Mama’s Fish House goes all out in ensuring you will enjoy the meal of a lifetime. The quality service starts even before you land at your table with their valet parking and friendly Alohas as you walk through the doors. Then, they continue to provide top-notch service through every course, knowing just when to swing by to check in and when to let you dine in peace.

Fan favorites on the menu of Mama’s Fish House include:

Haiku Tomato and Maui Onion Salad
When you want to taste all the freshest produce in Maui, you can get your fill by ordering the Haiku Tomato and Maui Onion Salad. This starter begins with bright yellow and red tomatoes covered in sliced sweet Maui onions. Over that, they add Point Reyes blue cheese and plenty of pine nuts. To finish it off right, a drizzle of Maui olive oil and 18-year-old balsamic dressing goes over it all.

For a taste of their showstopper dish, treat yourself to their Bouillabaisse. This exquisite stew features all the best ocean flavors, including mahi-mahi, ahi, kanpachi kama, Kauai shrimp, shellfish, and scallops galore. The whole lot lands in their iconic Mama’s saffron fish broth to simmer up right. Want to elevate the flavors even more? Go all out by adding a Tristan Island lobster tail to the mix.

Polynesian Black Pearl
Presented as 100% eye candy, the beauty of the Polynesian Black Pearl makes it truly hard to dig in and destroy its seashell aesthetic. You’ll definitely want to, however, if you’d like a taste of their luscious lilikoi chocolate mousse. Once you get through the mousse pearl, you might as well sample the perfectly crisp seashell pastry holding it all together.

The tables at Mama’s Fish House are often booked out three to six months in advance, so you know this restaurant has what it takes to win you over. Thankfully, you can make your reservations through their website, on Yelp, or with a quick call as soon as you know you’ll be in town. If you want to roll the dice, you can show up without a reservation and hope that they have an open seat at the bar.

Insider Tips:
-Lunch seating at Mama’s Fish House ends at 3:30 pm, while the latest dinner guests can arrive is 9 pm.
-Parking is valet only – and tips are greatly appreciated.
-Celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or other special occasions? Let them know when you arrive, so they can add festive décor to your table and help make your visit even more memorable.