Kojima’s Sushi and Japanese Cuisine

Kojima's Sushi and Japanese Cuisine – Enjoy Innovative Culinary Creations in Pukalani
The Bottom Line:

For innovative culinary creations served in a casual setting, jet on over to Kojima’s Sushi and Japanese Cuisine. A true Pukalani favorite, this eatery uses the freshest local ingredients to make sushi, katsu, and everything in between You’re welcome to BYOB to complete your dining experience, ensuring you always have a dinner to remember at this popular joint.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

When you’re craving authentic culinary creations made with flair, you cannot go wrong with a trip over to Kojima’s Sushi and Japanese Cuisine. Located in the heart of Pukalani, this popular eatery goes above and beyond in using fresh ingredients to create meals to remember. The team puts plenty of aloha into all they do, too, so you can count on always feeling right at home upon walking through the doors.

Across all their menu items, their sushi steals the spotlight with its terrific blend of bright, bold flavors. But, they have so much more to offer beyond their nigiri, sashimi, and specialty rolls. Their rich appetizers, like the Chicken Karaage, have a loyal following and pair exceptionally well with their fresh salads. Katsu, udon, and tempura dishes round out their offerings, ensuring you can easily satisfy your cravings at each visit.

No matter what you order, you can count on it coming out beautifully plated and ready for your pure enjoyment. Take a moment to admire the artistry demonstrated in their plating – and even take a photo or two for the ‘Gram if you’re so inclined. While they might operate as a casual eatery through and through, their plating expertise puts them on par with a five-star restaurant. Every last bite will taste as good as it looks, too, ensuring you always feel wholly impressed with your meal.

Although they do not have a full bar of their own, they operate as a BYOB establishment. So, you can bring your own beer, wine, and sake, but please leave the hard liquor out of the equation. They do have soft drinks and other beverages available if you prefer to keep it alcohol-free. 

Stop by for a taste of the:

Crunchy Spicy Tuna Roll
When you want the perfect combo of crunch and spiciness, treat yourself to the Crunchy Spicy Tuna Roll. They make this tempura-style roll by piling sushi rice, spicy tuna, and their special sauce in a nori wrap. Then, they roll it all up and slice it into eight bite-sized pieces.

Seafood Sunomono
The Seafood Sunomono always serves as a great way to start your dining experience. They make this popular salad by thinly slicing cucumber and placing it in a sweet vinegar marinade. After that, they add crab, tako, and ebi to the mix before sprinkling on the sesame seeds.  

Shrimp Hilo
For a chance to whet your appetite with crispy deliciousness, order up the Shrimp Hilo. This appetizer starts with small shrimp dipped in batter, and then fried until golden brown. Once that’s done, they put them on the plate with mixed greens plus their amazing dynamite sauce.

Salmon Teriyaki
If you’d like a simple yet wholly flavorful seafood dish, the Salmon Teriyaki is the way to go. To create this entrée, they broil a filet of high-quality salmon and then top it with their homemade teriyaki sauce. After it’s perfectly prepared, they put it on a plate alongside rice and garden salad. Miso soup comes alongside to brighten up the flavors even more.  

Although it’s easy to fill up your belly with all their incredible sushi rolls, hot plates, and more, do your best to save room for dessert. Their Mochi Ice Cream is out of this world delicious, after all, so you’ll definitely want to get a taste before jetting out the doors. If that’s not quite your style, they also have a Triple Chocolate Brownie Sundae, Shave Ice Sundae, and plenty of ice cream and sorbet options.

Insider Tips:
-Want to cut right to the chase? Put in your order online before leaving the hotel. They’ll have it ready to go when you arrive.
-Only park in the lot in front of the restaurant. The back lot is for the yoga studio.
-They’re happy to roll up your sushi in soy paper for an extra charge.