Sip Me Maui

Sip Me Maui - Cute Cafe With Exceptional Service in Upcountry Maui
Local Expert's Rating:
4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Located in historic Makawao, Sip Me Maui is a wonderful coffee shop with a lot of charm. Here, you can expect to receive a very neighborly welcome and fresh pastries paired with locally roasted espresso drinks. 

- The Local Expert Team

There are a lot of places one can get a good cup of coffee. But when you want that espresso served with neighborly cheerfulness, in a place that gives you a real sense of the community surrounding it, finding that good cup of coffee takes a bit more effort. One place that such cafe-enthusiasts will enjoy when traversing the island of Maui is Sip Me.

Sip Me is a cozy cafe nestled on the northwest end of Makawao. This coffee shop is the realization of a childhood dream by owner Laura Wentworth, and it is pretty fascinating how quickly she took that dream and made it a reality. Wentworth states she started envisioning herself operating a coffee shop when she was a teenager, after her grandfather had taken her on many trips to his favorite Montana cafe called Clyde’s. She loved how the staff knew all the customers and the feeling of it all being one big family. Less than two decades later, Wentworth opened up Sip Me in Makawao in collaboration with then-partner Shannon Murphy. 

That core dream of having a place where customers were more akin to family has persevered and customer service remains a cornerstone of one’s experience upon entering Sip Me. Perhaps this is best physically manifested with their unique “Pay it Forward” board. This board is a massive black chalkboard upon which the staff at Sip Me keeps tabs on drinks and food goodies that have been prepaid for future patrons by current patrons. Along another side of the coffee shop is a large wooden board upon which local venues, entertainers, and individuals are invited to post flyers for upcoming events, activities, and other such things. Even if you’re just visiting the area for a day or so, checking out this board is a great way to get a better idea of the community itself.

Good service is certainly a draw, but Sip Me delivers further by offering outstanding drinks and food items. All of the drinks on Sip Me’s coffee are made using beans from the local organic roasting company Maui Oma. The coffee menu features all of the traditional European-style espresso items, but you can also order from an array of artisanal loose-leaf teas and drinks like dirty chai tea.  Cold-pressed juices and smoothies are also available but flavors will vary upon seasonal availabilities. For whatever you choose to sip, consider pairing with a fresh pastry or another café treat. While not made onsite, all pastries and other items are made locally by expert pastry chefs. 

Finally, unlike many other small cafes that will really pack in the tables or leave most to have to stand and take items to go, Sip Me Maui is quite spacious. You will find plenty of tables indoors and a roomy outdoor patio to dine and enjoy your espresso of choice. 

Insider Tips:
-Parking is not always the easiest here. You might have the best luck parking down the side street of Nakui Street and walking across Baldwin Avenue. 
-Parking along Nakui Street also has the benefit of giving you a better glimpse at this exciting part of Makawao. You will walk past interesting shops and attractions like Hot Island Glass, a glassblowing studio that regularly features glassblowing demonstrations, and Viewpoints Gallery Maui, a wonderful gallery worthy of a visit. If you enjoy window shopping and gazing, we recommend blocking out several hours when visiting this part of Maui as there is plenty in just a few blocks around Sip Me to see and do.