Badua’s Maui Creperie & Grill

Badua's Maui Creperie & Grill – Get Pure Deliciousness at the Queen Kaahumanu Center
The Bottom Line:

Are you looking for a quick bite to eat that’ll satisfy all your sweet and savory cravings? Just jet on over to Badua’s Maui Creperie & Grill in the Queen Kaahumanu Center. From Pork Belly Bowls and Pesto Chicken Paninis to Cheese Blintzes and Nutella Banana Crepes, they definitely have it all.

- The Local Expert Team

When you want to enjoy savory goodness alongside sweet creations to remember, just plan a trip over to Badua’s Maui Creperie & Grill. Set in the Queen Kaahumanu Center, this eatery serves up whatever you’re craving on the double. Thanks to their convenient location, you can easily swing by at your leisure, and then get right back to shopping without missing a beat. 

Since this Kahului restaurant boasts a casual food court setup, you just have to waltz right up to the counter to put in your order. Expect a line during the lunch and dinner rush, but it tends to go fast anyway. While you wait, you can browse all their awesome selections, including Teriyaki Chicken, Furikake Salmon, and Bacon Cheeseburgers.

As you get to the front of the line, you’ll get to watch all the action happen as they plate up each order. They keep most of their main entrees and sides coming out in big bins all day long, ensuring they can keep up with demand. Once you put in your order, just pay for your food, and then step to the side to let the next person order up what they’d like. But be sure to stick around somewhat close because your items will be ready before you know it.

Upon getting your meal, you can take your items to go or grab a seat in the food court. Either way, get ready for the big flavor to come your way. All their items come out perfectly prepared and ready for your complete enjoyment. If you notice anything wrong with your meal, just walk upfront and let them know. The team always goes above and beyond in making sure that every meal is made to your satisfaction. So, they’re happy to fix any mistakes that happen.

Stop in to get a taste of the:

Panko Fish
Always made with the catch of the day, the Panko Fish promises to delight your tastebuds from the first bite through to the very last. They prepare their fish by dipping them in panko breading and then frying it all until perfectly golden. Then, they plate it up with steamed rice, mac salad, and mixed veggies to complete your meal.

Corned Beef Panini
The Corned Beef Panini is the way to go when you want meaty, cheesy deliciousness in every morsel. They create this sandwich to order by piling shredded corned beef, grilled onions, pepper jack cheese, and chipotle aioli between two slices of bread. After that, they put it in the press to get hot and bubbly inside, yet crisp on the outside. A mixed green salad with your dressing of choice comes alongside, but you can get fries for an extra charge. 

Strawberry Banana Crepe
When you want to satisfy your sweet tooth in an instant, you cannot go wrong with the Strawberry Banana Crepe. This treat begins with a crepe base filled with fresh sliced strawberries and bananas. Once that’s folded upright, they cover it in whipped cream and drizzle on the strawberry sauce. Want ice cream, too? Just have it added for an additional charge.

If you’re planning a big bash, ask about their catering services. All their top menu items come by the full and half pan, allowing you to mix and match all the items to create your perfect spread. To ensure you get your items at just the right time, be sure to call well ahead of time to put in your order.

Insider Tips:
-Want to sub out the white rice for brown? It’ll just be an extra charge.
-Ask about their daily specials before ordering to avoid missing out.
-If you’d like to take your salad to the next level, ask to add fish or chicken for a little bit extra.
-They’re happy to customize nearly all their meal options to your liking. Just expect it to cost a bit more for your key additions.