Komoda Store and Bakery

Komoda Store and Bakery – Serving Up Fresh Baked Goods in Makawao Since 1916
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4 / 5
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When you want homemade baked goods created using fresh island ingredients, you cannot go wrong with a trip over to Komoda Store and Bakery. A true Makawao favorite, this shop sells out of their malasadas, donuts, and more rather fast each day. So, jet down bright and early in the morning to walk out with all your top selections.   

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Rich, flavorful cream puffs, malasadas, and donuts galore keep the line going out the door all day long at Komodo Store and Bakery. Owned and operated by Calvin and Betty Shibuya since the 1950s, this popular shop proudly rolls out scratch-made baked goods. Although their sweet treats are the star of the show, they’re well-known for their bread loaf and buns as well.

To sample all their most popular items, you’ll need to arrive bright and early in the morning. The Shibuyas have honed their process well in order to meet the public’s needs without excess waste. They regularly sell over 400 cream puffs every day, plus 200 malasadas and countless donuts, breads, and such.

More often than not, they sell out of everything well before closing time and call it for the day. Well before that happens, their shelves end up empty of all their most popular selections, like the Malasadas. In fact, by noon, it is slim pickings across the board.

Although it’s best to just get there as early as possible, you’re also welcome to call in your order ahead of time. Even upon doing that, you’ll end up in line where you can admire their shop seemingly frozen in time. Beyond equipment updates, not much has changed since they moved down the road to this location over 65 years ago.

Their production methods haven’t changed in the slightest since their start either. They still source high-quality ingredients, and then use them to create all their items by hand. Their scratch-made approach ensures every last item has just the right flavor and texture in every bite.

Don’t miss out on the:

Guava Malasada
When you want all the best island flavors in a light and fluffy package, treat yourself to the Guava Malasada. They create this amazing treat by creating their time-honored malasada dough recipe and frying each one up until light golden brown. Then, they coat the outside with cinnamon sugar and squeeze guava filling into the center.

Stick Donut
If you want to take your donuts on the go, order up a Stick Donut or two for the road. These donuts start with their light, fluffy dough, which gets rolled up on a long stick. Then, they dip it into the fryer until perfectly puffed and roll it in the glaze to finish it off right.

Cinnamon Snail
A true local treasure, the Cinnamon Snail infuses your basic cinnamon roll recipe with a whole lot of fun. These awesome breakfast treats begin with the creation of their yeast dough. Then, they roll it all out, slather on the butter, and sprinkle on plenty of brown sugar and cinnamon. After that, they just have to roll it all up and slice each snail just right. The cinnamon snails get a little bit more time to rise in the pan before landing in the oven until perfectly done. To complete this picture of perfection, they drizzle sugar glaze all over the top.

Due to recent challenges, the Shibuyas had to say goodbye to their coffee bar and hot dog machine. They hope to bring them back in the future, but for now, it’s uncertain when that might happen. So, drop in whenever you can to see if they’ve made their reappearance and take full advantage of their presence when they do.

Insider Tips:
-If you want to pay with a credit or debit card, you must purchase at least $10 in sweet treats.
-Donut glazes and fillings easily melt in a hot car. To avoid that, bring your leftovers to your hotel and pop them in the fridge before enjoying your island adventures.
-Want cream puffs for later? Visit the freezer case to buy them frozen by the half or full dozen.