Cupies Maui Drive-In

Cupies Maui Drive-In – Enjoy Endless Island Favorites in the Heart of Kahului
The Bottom Line:

When you want all the Hawaiian classics at your fingertips, you cannot go wrong with a trip to Cupies Maui Drive-In. Set right in the heart of Kahului, this popular drive-in style eatery has everything from Loco Moco to Chow Fun on tap daily. Sweets treats are available, too, including Slushies, Shakes, and Sundaes.

- The Local Expert Team

Do you want to dine on Hawaiian favorites at an old-school drive-in-style eatery? If so, you need to put Cupies Maui Drive-In on your itinerary STAT. Located in Kahului, this popular restaurant proudly makes all the classics to order. Their mile-long menu leaves nothing out of the fun, ensuring you can easily satisfy your cravings at every visit. Plate lunches, burgers, sandwiches, noodles, and more all await your arrival day in and day out.

Whenever you’re ready to enjoy all they have to offer, you can either swing by to dine right onsite or take your order to go. In a hurry? Just give them a call to put in your order and they’ll have it ready when you get there. In the past, they had their dining room open to their patrons, but they’ve recently switched to outdoor counters and a lone picnic table for walk-up customers. For the most part, their patrons eat in their cars to fully enjoy the drive-in dining experience.

Unlike traditional drive-in eateries, you do need to exit the car to order your food. Just go up to the front counter to browse the menu and decide what you want. Then, hop in line to await your chance to put in your order. After that, you can go to your car to wait for your items to arrive. Once your order is ready, their friendly servers will bring out all your items with a smile and plenty of alohas to go around.

Stop by to sample the:

Breaded Teriyaki
The Breaded Teriyaki treats you to all the classic flavors in a whole new package. The chef starts this dish by hand breading a quality cut of beef. Then, they fry the beef until golden and add plenty of teriyaki sauce over top. Once that’s done, it goes in the takeout box alongside rice and macaroni salad.

Fish and Chips
Whenever you order the Fish and Chips, you can count on getting crispy deliciousness in every bite. They make this meal by hand breading fresh fish filets and putting them in the fryer. French fries join the party at just the right moment for the whole meal to come out of the oil at the same time.

BBQ Bacon Burger
For beef goodness in every bite, order the BBQ Bacon Burger without hesitation. The chef always hand forms each burger patty using the highest quality ground beef. After that, they grill it to perfection before placing it on the bun with crispy bacon, BBQ sauce, and all the fixings.  

Loco Moco
If you want a true classic, go with the Loco Moco, for sure. They create this dish by hand forming their beef patties and putting them on the grill alongside two eggs. After that’s done, they put the patties and eggs over two scoops of rice before pouring on the luscious gravy.

With so many sweet treats on the menu, it just makes sense to fit dessert into your visit. You will have your work cut out for you in choosing just what to get, however. So, be prepared to hem and haw over the 30-plus flavors of Shakes, Slushies, and Slushie Floats. Want to keep it simple yet oh-so decadent? Just treat yourself to a Sundae instead. With that move, you just have to choose between their chocolate, caramel, strawberry, pineapple, ube, or caramel crunch flavors.

Insider Tips:
-Want even more dessert options? Ask about their secret menu, which features items like the Ubebangbang, an Ube Shake with Pop Rocks added to the mix.
-They’re known to close early without warning, so have a second eatery in mind whenever you plan to come by later in the day.
-Watch their Facebook page for announcements about special limited-time items, like yummy Flying Saucers.