Cruzin’ Cafe

Enjoy an Eclectic Array of Fun Foods and Drinks as You Chill Out at Cruzin’ Cafe
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5.0 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Cruizin’ Cafe gives visitors all the foods, drinks, and snacks they could want before or after a day at the beach and with the chill vibe of a place for relaxing and people watching. Stop by Cruizin’ Cafe in the Lahaina area for relaxation and tasty, comforting foods.

- The Local Expert Team

The first thing you’ll notice about Cruizin’ Cafe is the 14-foot surfboard counter in front. This dining spot speaks to the cool, casual vibe the spot gives. You can try various hot or cold drinks, grab-and-go meals, or tasty snacks while kicking back and watching the world go by in Lahaina.

A relative newcomer to the restaurant scene, Cruizin’ Café opened in 2019. Despite its youth, it wows visitors with tasty coffee and tea drinks, great food, and cooling treats. The owners continue to focus on providing every guest with fun, awesome foods, and satisfying drinks in a chill spot to relax.

As with most cafes, you will likely see people hanging out at one of the indoor or outdoor tables on laptops. Others will simply relax in one of the seating areas and forget about work. Whichever group you fall into, you’ll always feel welcomed at Cruizin’ Cafe.

The welcoming atmosphere extends to the staff. Many visitors have been astonished when recognized on their subsequent visits by members of the staff. This place fits well into its role as a friendly neighborhood cafe that welcomes locals and tourists equally.

Try one of the following visitor favorites from Cruizin’ Cafe:

Shaka Dogs
If you built up an appetite for a hearty lunch or dinner, try one of Cruizin’ Cafe’s Shaka Dogs. These foot-long all-beef hot dogs sit on an equally-long, spike-toasted sweet Hawaiian roll. The unique spike toasting method gives the bread a crunchy, toasted interior while keeping the exterior fluffy and soft. While the original Shaka Dog comes with mustard, ketchup, and relish, you can also get Maui onion mustard, pepper jelly, or mango jelly on your dog. All these specialty toppings come from Hawaiian producers. However you order your Shaka Dog, you’ll enjoy a unique hot dog flavor experience that previous visitors call the best dog they’ve ever eaten.

House Made Breakfast Sandwich
Cruizin’ Cafe knows that its breakfast menu is popular and that some people want breakfast later in the day, so they offer the breakfast menu all day long. The House Made Breakfast Sandwich is a simple concoction of scrambled eggs with cheese and sausage or bacon on your choice of bread. Most visitors recommend the Hawaiian sweet roll for your sandwich, but you can also choose an everything bagel or english muffin.

Iced Nutty Hawaiian Coffee
Several visitors mention the high quality and tastiness of their Iced Nutty Hawaiian coffee drinks, ranking it as an A+ beverage. This specialty blends coffee, Ghirardelli caramel syrup, and macadamia nut syrup for a sweet, nutty drink that satisfies on a hot day when served over ice. While visitors frequently choose the iced version, you can get any specialty drink at Cruizin’ Cafe hot or iced.

Shave Ice
Shave Ice is a staple of Hawaii. Cruizin’ Cafe puts its signature on this dessert by preparing all the syrups in-house with 100% organic cane sugar. You have 22 flavors to choose from and can opt for one, two, or three to flavor your ice. Plus, you can choose a snowcap on top or vanilla ice cream.

Cruizin’ Cafe has all the foods and drinks you need for a relaxing snack or quick meal at any time of the day. Stop by for great food and friendly customer service that will make you want to return several times during your stay in Lahaina.

Insider Tips:
-Cruizin’ Cafe has gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, and vegan options available for many menu items. Staff will be happy to accommodate your request.
-Purchase some of the mango jelly, Maui onion mustard, or pepper jelly used on the Shaka Dogs by the jar to take home. They also sell bags of the Maui coffee they brew for their coffee drinks.
-Diners at Cruizin’ Cafe can enjoy a discount at 808 Mopeds next door, which shares the same owner with the cafe.