Maui Tacos – Kamaole Beach Center

Maui Tacos – A Kamaole Beach Center Favorite Offering Fast, Friendly Service
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4 / 5
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Are tacos gleefully calling your name? If so, just zip on over to the Kamaole Beach Center for your fill of Maui Tacos. Although their signature tacos are quite literally the name of the game, their full menu of Mexican classics promise to satisfy your every craving.

- The Local Expert Team

When you want to fuel up for fun with fresh, flavorful Mexican food, jet on over to Maui Tacos to fill up in style. A true Kamaole Beach Center favorite, this cozy eatery goes big on the flavor in creating all their signature tacos. Then, they take their approach to the next level by rolling out burritos, chimichangas, and all the other classics, too. Prefer a lighter meal? You cannot lose with their taco salads on your side.

Every last one of their menu items starts with high-quality ingredients and proven culinary techniques. Although they make everything to order, it comes out of the kitchen fast, making it easy to drop in for a quick meal before your next stop. In order to enjoy your meal to the fullest, you’ll definitely want to take the time to select a few extra sauces at the World Famous Salsa Bar, however. With at least six flavorful salsas on tap at all times, they allow you to customize your meal to your palate in an instant.

As you fill up on your selections, do your best to save room in your belly for dessert. Their Banana Chingalinga is out of the world delicious with its crisp deep-fried shell and banana-honey filling. If that doesn’t speak to you, then you might just want to go for the gold with their Churros or Fried Ice Cream. Just don’t forget to treat yourself to their refreshing Aguas Frescas, too. They make this drink fresh on the daily, always coming up with new flavors to enjoy.

Come by to fill up on:

Breakfast Burrito
When you want to keep it simple without compromising on flavor, get the Breakfast Burrito. To make this tasty treat, they scramble up two eggs and then put them in a flour tortilla. Cheese goes over the top before it’s all rolled up tight. If you’d like a little more to your burrito, ask them to add beans, potatoes, or both for an extra charge.

Hawaiian BBQ Pork Bowl
For pure deliciousness in every bite, treat yourself to the Hawaiian BBQ Pork Bowl. This filling entrée begins with pork cooked until fork tender in a brilliant mix of spices. After that, they scoop the pork over a bed of rice and beans before adding cheese, cilantro, and onions. Chips come alongside, so you can enjoy a little crunch with your meal. 

Wiki Wiki Shrimp Taco
The Wiki Wiki Shrimp Taco pairs all the best ocean flavors with a tropical kick to remember. To create this fan favorite, they expertly season fresh prawns with Aztec spices and then grill them to perfection. Once they’re done, the shrimp land on a corn tortilla along with cabbage and mango salsa. The chipotle ranch gets drizzled on top before the cojita cheese joins the party. Warm chips come with your meal, letting you take full advantage of the salsa bar.

Their seating inside the restaurant is quite limited, but the real magic lies in taking your meal to the beach. Just across the street, you’ll find the beautiful Kamaole Beach Park I with its soft golden sands and grassy areas. If you prefer a picnic table, there’s usually a couple open there, too. To ensure you always have somewhere cool to sit, bring a blanket to layout on the ground. Then, get cozy and dig into your meal while enjoying the breathtaking view all around.

Insider Tips:
-Want exclusive offers and more sent to your inbox on the regular? Join Surf Club by signing up on their website.
-They do not provide any free plastic or paper straws for their drinks. But you can buy one of their reusable metal straws and take it with you.
-They’re happy to sub in steak in any of their tacos or burritos for an extra charge.
-If you fall in love with their salsa, ask about buying a few bottles to take home.