Tante’s Fishmarket Restaurant & Bar

Tante's Fishmarket Restaurant & Bar – Pairing Ocean Views with Island Favorites in Wailuku
The Bottom Line:

Set along the coast in Wailuku, Tante’s Fishmarket Restaurant & Bar serves all the island favorites while offering exquisite ocean views to remember. All their menu items start with the freshest local ingredients, many of which arrive daily. Then, they go big on the preparations and serve it all up with tons of aloha.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Every trip to Tante’s Fishmarket Restaurant & Bar allows you to savor island favorites while enjoying an incredible view of the oceanside. Located in the Maui Harbor Shops complex in Wailuku, this upscale eatery always goes all out in ensuring you have a memorable dining experience.

Although they’re relatively new, they’re busy all day long, so you definitely need to make reservations to secure your spot. Once you do, you can count on getting top-notch service from the very second you walk through the doors.

Their staff brings a big aloha spirit to every interaction in an effort to help you feel right at home. They’ll help you find your perfect table inside their attractive dining room or get you settled in on the patio. Either way, the spectacular views of the Maalaea Harbor will instantly win you over and keep you enamored throughout your meal.

Although the views never fail to impress, the real star of the show is their amazing food and drinks. They make sure every item is top quality by sourcing fresh, local ingredients on the daily. Then, they use their culinary prowess to transform their ingredients into decadent entrees, sides, and more. They have a full bar filled with top-shelf liquor, wine, and beer – plus a bartender who can whip up anything you request.

Most days, you can order all your island favorites by the plate, starting with a flavorful appetizer to whet your appetite. On holidays and other special occasions, however, they roll out a huge buffet for your pure enjoyment. Although it’s not all you can eat, you’re sure to get your fill of all your favorite entrees and sides, plus soup, salad, and dessert.

Their most popular items:

Caterpillar Roll
With sushi available all day, this restaurant makes it easy to savor all the most popular fresh ocean flavors, like unagi in the Caterpillar Roll. This roll features broiled unagi rolled up in sushi rice and topped with avocado slices. Unagi sauce and sesame seeds go over the top to complete this decadent flavor profile.

Saimin Deluxe
When you just need a bowl of warm soup to tide you over, go with the Saimin Deluxe. To create this soup, the chef takes time to brew up a flavorful broth using fresh ingredients. Then, Japanese ramen lands in the bowl with the broth before kamaboko, fried egg, smoked pork, kaichoy, wonbok, and wontons join the party. Furikake goes over it all to elevate the flavors even more.  

Seafood Lu’au
If you want a variety of fresh seafood prepared using classic Hawaiian culinary techniques, set your sights on the Seafood Lu’au. The chef starts this dish by braising Keanae Valley taro root chunks, fresh fish, shrimp scampi, mussels, and scallops in garlic butter. Then, they cook down taro root leaves in coconut milk before returning the seafood to the pan. Once it’s hot and ready to enjoy, the whole lot lands in a shallow bowl for prompt delivery to your table.

Their dessert options change often, so you’ll just have to see what they’ll roll out at your visit. Depending on when you arrive, you might get to enjoy Apple Pie, Kona Mud Pie, Coconut Cream Pie, Chocolate Gelato, Cheesecake, or other fan favorites. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to sample their Halo-Halo dessert, which combines rich sweet potato flavors with shave ice goodness. Want to keep it simple? Just go with a berry bowl instead.

Insider Tips:
-Stop in anytime between 12 pm and 6 pm for happy hour specials galore.
-Live music performances and other special events regularly land at the Maui Harbor Shops complex. To see what’s coming up, just check the restaurant’s website for the details.
-Want a chance to see humpback whales while you dine? Just plan your visit for mid-December through April.