Peace Love Shave Ice

Peace Love Shave Ice – Passionate People Serving Tasty Treats in Kihei to Beat the Hawaiian Heat
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5.0 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Passion for high-quality products and customer service make Peace Love Shave Ice a stand-out favorite and the top shave ice provider on Maui. Try any of the many flavors on the menu, and you’ll agree that this unassuming stand in a Kihei parking lot has the best shave ice on the island.

- The Local Expert Team

Peace Love Shave Ice earned its spot as the number one shave ice provider on Maui, according to multiple review sites. Once you try the natural syrups, local ice cream, and handmade shave ice, you’ll see why this place is different from similar shave ice shops on the island.

Passion for serving great-quality shave ice lies at the heart of everything the owner of Peace Love Shave Ice does. The owner prepares syrups from all-natural ingredients, including raw Maui cane sugar syrup. However, you can also get sugar-free options sweetened with stevia. Add-ons also come from local purveyors, such as Maui-made Roselani ice cream. With care and high-quality ingredients, Peace Love Shave Ice produces consistently delicious desserts for everyone.

Located in the Azeka Plaza in Kihei, the small stand for Peace Love Shave Ice often has a line wrapped around it from dedicated patrons seeking tasty ways to cool off. When ordering, you have the option to select up to three syrups over your shave ice or choose an established combination. Add-on ice cream, sweet cream, or azuki beans for extra flavor to your dessert.  

With so many options, choosing what to try can be difficult. The friendly staff will help you to choose a flavor based on your tastes or make recommendations from customer favorites.

Still stumped for what to order? Try at least one of the following options from the Peace Love Shave Ice menu for an unforgettable experience:

Customer Favorite Shave Ice
The Customer Favorite Shave Ice mixes three tropical fruit syrups – guava, passion fruit, and mango – for a sweet, fruity flavor. Called “tropical heaven in a cup,” this flavor combination has become a favorite of customers for a reason. Try it on its own or dress it up with a scoop of ice cream or a sprinkle of li hing (dried salted plum) powder. Li hing powder is a salty, sweet flavor many people sprinkle over fresh fruits, such as pineapples and mangos. Its flavor works well with the tropical fruit tastes of the Customer Favorite shave ice.  

Hula Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches
Hula Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches include Roselani ice cream between a pair of handmade cookies. Flavors include macadamia-nut chocolate chip cookies with chocolate ice cream, chocolate coconut cookies with coconut ice cream, Kona coffee chocolate chip cookies with Kona mud pie ice cream, and chocolate chip cookies with mint chocolate chip ice cream. These large, flavorful treats will satisfy you when you want something to accompany your shave ice or for a different type of frozen dessert.

Thai Tea
If you love the sweet and creamy flavor of Thai tea, get it in shave ice form. The Thai Tea Shave Ice begins with brewed Thai tea made with organic sugar cooked down into a thick syrup. This syrup gives the shave ice its flavor. To top it off and further enhance the flavors of the Thai Tea, you get a drizzle of sweetened condensed milk over the ice. This cool and creamy treat has all the flavors of strong, sweet tea, spices, and thick condensed milk that make Thai tea a favorite drink.

After a long day at the beach, stop by Peace Love Shave Ice for a great way to cool off with one of the many flavors on the menu. Or create a new taste combination by choosing up to three syrups and any add-ons for your personalized shave ice. No matter what you order, you’ll agree that Peace Love Shave Ice in Kihei deserves its award for the best shave ice on Maui.

Insider Tips:
-There is plenty of parking as this shave ice stand is in a parking lot.
-As a stand, Peace Love Shave Ice does not have indoor seating, but there are some stools around the kiosk.
-Watch out for the wind if you enjoy your shave ice near the stand. It can blow away your spoons or napkins. Hold onto all loose, lightweight articles while eating your shave ice on site.
-Don’t call shave ice a snow cone when ordering. The two desserts are very different. You will only find shave ice at Peace Love Shave Ice.