Fork & Salad (120 Hookele St., Kahului, HI)

Fork & Salad – A Kahului Favorite Sharing Their Love for Flavorful Island Food Three Ways
The Bottom Line:

For farm-to-table goodness made with a whole lot of love, just jet on over to Fork & Salad in the Puunene Shopping Center. At this Kahului eatery, they share their passion for flavorful island food in three ways. You can dine in, take your order to go, and even buy fresh produce through their grocery service.

- The Local Expert Team

At Fork & Salad, they have a passion for serving up flavorful island food made using fresh ingredients from local farms. They’re happy to infuse your life with their farm-to-table fare in three ways. You can jet on in for a dine-in experience to remember, grab your order as takeout, or use their grocery service for fresh produce. You can even get your meal and produce in one trip. That way, you’ll have a full belly plus healthy snacks on hand for all your island adventures.

Every last item on their menu starts well before your arrival with their partnership with local farms. They work with dozens of farms each week to fill their restaurant with the freshest, in-season produce around. Then, they proudly sell it ala carte or use the ingredients to create delicious salads, sandwiches, and grain bowls. They even have soup available for those times when you simply need to dip your sandwich into rich broth before taking each bite.

In all they do, the team always strives to make healthy food not only taste amazing but feel wholly accessible, too. So, they’ve gone all out in creating high-tech ordering systems designed to streamline every visit. For the fastest ordering experience, you can download their purpose-built app. Then, you just need to make your selections, select a pick up time, and then swing by to grab your order.

If that’s not quite your style, use the online ordering system through their website instead. Or you can give them a call if you prefer to do things the old-fashioned way. If all else fails, you’re always welcome to just waltz right through the doors and put in your order at the front counter. You’re likely to encounter a long line, however, because they stay busy from open to close. But the wait is well worth getting the chance to sample their offerings and grab some produce for later, too.

Although every dish lands in your hands ready to hit the road, you’re welcome to dine in-house whenever you want. They have upscale cafeteria-style seating set up inside and a couple of bistro tables on the patio.

Their most popular dishes include:

Watermelon & Feta Salad
Although it might seem like an unlikely pairing, the Watermelon & Feta Salad has the perfect combo of sweet and salty. This salad starts with their spring mix and then gets tomatoes, sun sprouts, dried cranberries, and cashews. Watermelon and feta cheese join the party at the end right before the roasted garlic balsamic dressing lands on top.

Smoky Papaya Chicken Sandwich
If you arrive with a huge appetite, fill your belly up with their monstrous Smoky Papaya Chicken Sandwich. On this sandwich, they add chicken, goat cheese, bacon, papaya, onion, tomato, avocado, and spring mix. Then, they kick it up a notch with mango hot sauce and cilantro smoked chili dressing. As if that’s not enough, a small spring mix salad comes alongside kimchee banana peppers, carrots, and lemon-herb dressing.

Endless Summer Grain Bowl
For bite after bite of pure decadence, treat yourself to the Endless Summer Grain Bowl. This dish starts with quinoa, purple cabbage, roasted beets, purple sweet potatoes, radishes, and kimchee broccoli. Over that, they add almonds, curry golden raisins, and blue cheese crumbles before drizzling on the roasted garlic balsamic dressing.

Want to take your culinary journey into your own hands? Just ask for the Build Your Own Salad option and get to work. You’ll need to select your base mix of greens, grains, or both, and then choose a dressing. After that, you can pile on whatever ingredients you want, like bacon, kimchee broccoli, boiled egg, apples, ripe papaya, almonds, bee pollen, and so much more. Want to take your salad to the next level? Add even more protein for an extra charge, like Citrus Poached Shrimp, Ancho Chile Seasoned Steak, or Ginger-Baked Tofu.

Insider Tips:
-Want to keep your meal vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free? Be sure to let the staff know. They’ll go above and beyond in making sure that your selections meet your needs.
-If you download their app, you can earn points at every visit toward discounts and other rewards.