Huli Huli Chicken

Huli Huli Chicken – Enjoy Pure Deliciousness While on the Road to Hana
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4.5 / 5
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At Huli Huli Chicken, they’re always on a mission to serve up the tastiest smoked meats around. At this quaint beachside eatery, seven families take turns putting their own spin on the menu and serving up the crowd each day. Swing by while traveling the Road to Hana to see why people come from far and wide just to see what’s cooking.

- The Local Expert Team

When you’re in the mood for a scenic cruise punctuated by tasty island fare, take a trip down to Huli Huli Chicken. Set along Koki Beach on the Road to Hana, this unique eatery specializes in flavorful smoked chicken served in many different ways. Seven local families take turns running the stand, so you never truly know what you’re going to get. You can count on it being wholly delicious, however, especially if you love smoked meats.

The operators of the day start early by putting chicken on the grill. As the meat smokes, they prepare all the sides, like white rice, green salad, and potato macaroni salad. Depending on who’s running the place, you might also arrive to the sight of fresh coconut bread and other sweet treats as well. Before you can get a taste of all they’re serving up, you’ll likely need to hop in line. They stay busy all day, after all, starting from the very second that they start taking orders.

Despite all the hustle and bustle, you can expect plenty of aloha coming your way. Warm welcomes will undoubtedly start off each visit, followed by a friendly invitation to put in your order. After that, they’ll load up your takeout container with your selections. Their portions are generous, but not too big. The flavor in every dish, however, is unbelievably rich and delicious.

Once you get your meal, grab a picnic table or just sit right on the beach to enjoy the views while you dine. The beauty of the oceanside will keep you enamored as you devour the tasty smoked meats and more in front of you. If you’re lucky, you might even get to see experienced surfers riding the waves. There are no lifeguards, so it’s best to skip the swim. But the soft red sands do serve as a great place to take a stroll after your meal.

You cannot miss their:

Huli Huli Chicken Plate
As their signature dish, the Huli Huli Chicken Plate always tantalizes the tastebuds from the very first bite through to the last. This entrée features ¼ bone-in chicken smoked on the grill until fall-off-the-bone tender. The sides rotate out often, but you can usually expect some variation of rice and salad.

Huli Huli Quesadilla Pie
The Huli Huli Quesadilla Pie beautifully elevates their signature dish with top-notch Mexican flavors. They create this meal by shredding their chicken and layering it with tortillas, beans, and cheese. After building the pie, it goes in the oven until bubbly and hot. Upon scooping out each portion, they add salsa, guacamole, and sour cream to the top before loading up the rest of the plate with the sides of the day.

Rice & Bean Plate
If you’d like to skip the meat without compromising on their bright, bold flavors, go with the Rice & Bean Plate. This dish comes with homemade pinto beans spooned over a bed of white rice. Salad, guac, and sour cream go over the beans and rice plus you get salad on the side.

More often than not, you’ll hear ukulele music playing from somewhere nearby. If you follow the beautiful sounds to their origin, you can put in your own song requests. Then, head back to your seat to enjoy the amazing music coming your way.

Insider Tips:
-They only accept cash, so make sure to stop by an ATM before starting your trip.
-More often than not, they end up selling out by 2pm. So, try to arrive around noon if you can.
-Feel free to park on the grass wherever you can find a spot. Just make sure not to block anyone else in.
-They’re happy to load you up with extra sides for an additional charge.