Giannotto’s Pizza

Giannotto's Pizza – Where to Go in Wailuku for All the Top Italian Favorites
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4 / 5
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With each trip to Giannotto’s Pizza in Wailuku, you can always count on getting your fill of fresh homemade Italian favorites. From pasta to sub sandwiches, all their menu items come bursting with flavor – and arrive in portions big enough to share. No matter what you’re craving, make sure you gobble down at least one slice of their NY-style pizza and end your meal with their signature Tiramisu.

- The Local Expert Team

When you want to nosh on all your Italian favorites, simply swing by Giannotto’s Pizza for a bite to eat. At this Wailuku eatery, they use ultra-fresh ingredients and traditional recipes to whip up homecooked meals all day long. As a result, their dishes come filled with bright, bold flavors and in big enough portions to share. You won’t want to give up a single bite, however, so make sure to think it over really well before putting in your order.

With its crisp crust and ample toppings, their NY-style pizza is definitely a fan favorite. They even serve it in single slices in case you want to mix it up a bit. But, you really cannot go wrong with their pasta, calzones, or sub sandwiches either. Their mozzarella sticks and other decadent appetizers round out the offerings beautifully as well. Want to pair the rich, cheesy fare with something a little lighter? Their salads always fit the bill, especially if you go with the zesty Caesar. Just remember to save room for dessert or you’ll miss out, for sure.

While you’re welcome to call for takeout or delivery, it’s best to enjoy your selections right onsite. Their indoor dining room is closed for now, but their outdoor tables are plenty good. By enjoying your meal right then and there, you get to enjoy all the flavors fresh out of the oven and ready to devour. Their quality of service is second to none as well – and you might even get a chance to chat with the owner.

Their top menu items include:

Mozzarella Sticks
Mozzarella Sticks are always a great choice when you want to get your cheese fix fast. Each order comes with four cheese sticks dredged in breading and fried until golden brown. The crispy exterior pairs perfectly with the melty middle, while the marinara sauce adds even more richness to the mix.

Chicken Pesto Pizza
For a unique take on all the best pizza flavors, get the Chicken Pesto Pizza. They make this dish from scratch starting with their hand-tossed dough. Over that, they add pesto sauce, ranch, chicken, and mushrooms. The whole lot lands in their oven until bubbly and golden brown and then gets served whole or by the slice.

Italian Grinder
When you want Italian goodness in every bite, but want to skip the melty cheese, treat yourself to an Italian Grinder. To create this dish, they split open a robust hoagie roll, and then slather on the mayo and mustard. Over that, they start piling the fillings, including salami, pepperoni, tomatoes, onions, and lettuce. Oil and vinegar comes alongside, so you can pour it on the lettuce right before taking your first bite.

To truly experience their culinary expertise, you absolutely need to end your meal with their Tiramisu. With its bold chocolate, coffee, and cream flavors, this dessert never fails to delight the tastebuds. If that’s not quite your style, they have even more classic Italian desserts for your pure enjoyment, like their decadent Cannoli topped with powdered sugar and a chocolate drizzle.

Insider Tips:
-Don’t have time to swing by? The team delivers all over Kahului and Wailuku. Get free delivery when you order at least $20 in food.
-Avoid parking in the vacant lot on the east side of the building. Instead, park in the small west parking area or go down Market Street to the backlot. If all else fails, grab a spot streetside instead.
-Can’t decide what pizza to get? Ask them to make it half and half.