808 Antijitos

Savor Genuine Mexican Food from 808 Antijitos Food Truck in Lahaina
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4.5 / 5
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At the 808 Antojitos food truck in Lahaina, you will enjoy budget-friendly prices and high-quality, tasty Mexican dishes using authentic recipes and ingredients. Stop by for a fast meal that satisfies you.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Enjoy the unique flavors of Mexico at the 808 Antojitos food truck in Lahaina. Low prices, genuine recipes, and quality ingredients make any meal from this eatery worthwhile, even if you go out of your way to reach it. When on Maui’s west side, check out this food truck that ranks as a top choice for many previous diners.

Most people have had Tex-Mex food with its heavy reliance on melted cheeses and mild flavors. However, fewer travelers have had the chance to enjoy real Mexican food with ingredients such as squash blossoms, nopales (cactus), and lengua (tongue). Yes, you will still find tacos, burritos, and quesadillas on the menu, but also have huaraches, sopes, fried quesadillas, tortas, and pambazos to choose from.

The owner of this food truck came to Hawaii from Mexico City in 1990 and established this food truck in 2012. His menu comes from recipes of authentic Mexican dishes that he enjoyed before coming to Hawaii. You won’t find more authentic Mexican cuisine on Maui, according to many previous diners at this food truck.

Many people choose fish tacos because these seafood-based meals are familiar entrees throughout Hawaii. However, you don’t have to stick to the familiar. The food truck also serves dishes rarely found outside of Mexico or authentic Mexican restaurants. Try the torta, which closely resembles other types of cold sandwiches with mayonnaise, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and meat. However, this type of sandwich also includes beans and jalapeno peppers.

Or instead of a flour quesadilla, order a fried one instead. At 808 Antojitos, the fried quesadillas come with your choice of huitlacoche (corn fungus), chicken with flor de calabaza (squash blossoms), chicharron (fried pork skins), or cheese. The cooks stuff the quesadillas with hot ingredients, deep fry them, then add lettuce.

Whether you order something you feel familiar with or want to try something new, reviews of this food truck prove that any choice you make will satisfy your need for a filling, tasty meal.

You cannot miss trying at least one of the following outstanding dishes from 808 Antojitos:

Pambazos are sandwiches served in Mexico City, but you don’t have to go to another country. You can enjoy one of these savory treats while in Hawaii from 808 Antojitos. These sandwiches start with bread dipped in chili sauce and fried to create a crunchy, crispy exterior for the meal. The filling includes spicy chorizo sausage, potatoes, lettuce, sour cream, and cheese. Salsa comes with the sandwich if you want to add an extra kick to this distinctive sandwich. Fans love the crunchy texture and rate it an A+ for taste.

A huarache gets its name from a sandal, which it resembles in shape. These open-faced corn-based treats start with a base of masa dough and smashed beans cooked on a griddle in an elongated oval shape. Toppings for the huaraches at 808 Antojitos include cilantro, onions, cheese, and beans. Options include asada con nopales (grilled beef with cactus) or vegetarian. Both types have their fans with diners claiming the huaraches they ordered as the best they’ve ever had.

Sopes are another Mexican specialty. Fried masa forms the base. Toppings used at 808 Antojitos for sopes include beans, lettuce, cheese, and sour cream. You have your customization choices of chicken and beans only or chicharron. Diners recommend the chicken sopes with their homemade taste and flavorful ingredients. They also report that these hearty treats could serve as a meal on their own.

Eat authentic Mexican dishes while in Lahaina at the 808 Antojitos food truck. With great food and low prices, your stomach and wallet will both be full after a meal here.

Insider Tip:
-Be patient when ordering because the kitchen prepares your food when you order to ensure that you get the freshest possible meal. Depending on the type of food and crowds at the time, you could have to wait a few minutes for your order. Huaraches, fried quesadillas, sopes, and gorditas could take up to 15 minutes to prepare.