Manuela Malasada Co

Manuela Malasada – Where to Get Piping Hot Confections Made to Order in Maui
The Bottom Line:

Whenever you’re hankering for a sweet treat, set your sights on Manuela Malasada for truly decadent creations. At this popular Lahaina stand, they whip up all the malasadas you could want right when you order them. Just pick your quantity, sugary coatings, and fillings, and then wait for them to roll out the order window piping hot and ready to enjoy.

- The Local Expert Team

Are you craving scratch-made confections made just how you like them? If so, you need to take a trip over to Manuela Malasada in Lahaina. Although they’re just a quaint stand in a gas station parking lot, this spot stays popping from open to close. Their loyal fans swing by again and again for a chance to brighten their day with deep-fried dough balls in all their favorite flavors.

As is tradition, their malasadas start with yeast dough flavored with a pop of lemon zest. They make their dough from scratch daily, so if they sell out, they’re done for the day. Thankfully, they always go big on their batches of dough, ensuring they’re ready for the crowds to swing by.

With their dough ready to go, they open up the order window and warmly welcome all their guests. They offer all the aloha in the world to their guests to make sure that every last patron feels right at home ordering their favorite desserts. Since they’re almost always busy, you’ll have to hop in line for the opportunity to experience all this stand has to offer. Thankfully, that gives you time to browse the menu and decide between all the delicious flavor combinations.

To start, you must figure out if you want three, six, or a full dozen of malasadas. As you find your ideal quantity, keep in mind that their malasadas are huge. Even the three-pack is best shared with a friend. So, if you’re planning on getting the full dozen, you’d better have a plan on how to dispatch them all. One thing that’s great about the full dozen is you won’t have to compromise on all your desired flavor combos – and there’s definitely a ton.

Their malasada flavors start with your preferred sugar coating. They have plain (white sugar), cinnamon, li-hing powder, powdered sugar, and no sugar at all. Once you figure out what to put on the outside, it’s time to pick the filling. You don’t have to get your malasadas filled, of course, but they’re even tastier when packed full of creamy deliciousness. Their filling options include fan favorites like strawberry, haupia, chocolate, peanut butter, and so much more. On top of that, they always have a special filling flavor of the day, like tasty mango cheesecake.

Their tastiest filling flavors include:

Also known as passion fruit, their Lilikoi filling has the perfect balance of sweet and tart flavors. If you want to amp up its lightly sour kick, choose the li-hing powder coating. Want to push it over to the sweet side? Go with powdered sugar instead.

Bavarian Crème
When you want to go on a unique donut-esque flavor journey, choose the Bavarian Crème filling, for sure. The vanilla custard flavors pair perfectly with the light dough to create the perfect balance of textures. All their sugar coatings work great with this filling, although the cinnamon adds the most interest.

Cookie Butter
A truly exquisite filling option, Cookie Butter works surprisingly well in the middle of malasadas. With its rich cinnamon flavors, it’s great with plain, powdered sugar, or cinnamon coating. Or just skip the coating altogether by asking for no sugar at all to let the cookie butter stand out even more.

To cut the richness of whatever malasada flavors you choose, don’t forget to treat yourself to the lemonade of the day. They often infuse their tasty lemonade with fruit, creating a flavor combination to remember. If you prefer your lemonade plain, that’s okay, too. Just don’t skip the drink or you might end up overwhelmed by the sugary sweetness.

Insider Tips:
-They only take cash, so swing by the ATM before stopping by.
-Their hours change on the regular – and they’re known to close up shop without notice. So, don’t be surprised if you find the window closed upon showing up during their normal hours.