Ale House

Ale House - Kahului Hidden Gem for Fun, Sports, and Food
The Bottom Line:

The Ale House is family-friendly and has been operational since 1998. The Ale House servers 36 draft beers, has 69 high-definition TVs and has a menu with a wide range of food. Happy hour prices for food and drink run from 3-6 PM, but check their website for specifics.

- The Local Expert Team

“Aloha on tap” is more than a catchphrase on Ale House’s website. The motto best sums up what you can expect and hints that the Ale House is more than a pub.

Ale House has been serving food and drinks since 1998 and is in Kahului, Maui. They are open seven days a week and take reservations. We also want to point out that the Ale House is family-friendly, so bring the kids!

Now we know what you’re thinking: “Okay, but they’re called Ale House, so surely they serve beer, right?”

Yes, you’re correct, and in fact, they have thirty-six beers on tap! But before you dismiss them as another trendy Maui pub with nothing more to offer, think again.

For sports enthusiasts, the Ale House has sixty-nine high definition TVs and five sound zones. You read that correctly: 69 TVs! So if you’re into college football, cricket, UFC fighting, the Olympics, they have you covered! They can steam any sporting events from around the world. 

If you and the kids get bored watching sports, why not try a game of billiards? Several tables are available and are away from the bar area, giving you plenty of room to sink that 8 ball!

“But I’m not into beer,” you may argue. Once again, this is where the Ale House outshines typical beer halls. The Ale House boasts of serving 350 different types of alcoholic drinks. They offer top-shelf Scotch, brandy, cognac, tequila, vodka, rum, gin, liqueur, whisky, and bourbon. Sake, wine, and bottled beers are also on the menu.

Like most restaurants and bars, the Ale House has drink and food happy hours. Happy hour drinks are seven days a week from 3-6. Food happy hour is restricted to Monday-Friday and runs from 3-6 PM. 

We believe that what sets the Ale House above other bars is its menu that offers an expansive food selection. Here are some favorites:

Ale House Sliders
This appetizer includes three sliders featuring Maui-raised beef, caramelized onions, cheddar cheese, pickle or Kalua pork, and coleslaw with BBQ sauce. 

Ale Battered Onion Rings
Another appetizer favorite, this basket has house-made beer-battered onion rings and comes with Chipotle mayo dipping sauce. 

Diners have seven choices, and there is even a Veggie Burger for vegans. Options range from their Mushroom & Swiss Burger to a Teriyaki Burger to the Black & Bleu Burger featuring bleu cheese. Burgers feature Maui beef, are cooked to your liking, and come with lettuce and tomato. For a side item, you may select either shoestring or wedge fries or coleslaw or macaroni salad.

Please don’t confuse typical bland bar pizza with what they serve at the Ale House! Costumers rave about their pizzas! All pizzas are hand-tossed, and there are three vegan options, too. Some favorites are the Classic Combo and the Game Day with pepperoni, Italian sausage, mushrooms, and onions.

Like we’ve been saying all along: the Ale House isn’t your typical bar. The sushi bar opens at 3 and has Happy Hour pricing from 3-5 PM. Be sure to visit their website to see the options available. 

As do most customers, we feel that the Ale House is a hidden gem and should be on your list of restaurants to visit. With their vast selection of adult beverages and varied menu, it’s perfect for the entire family or sports enthusiasts to catch a game.  

Insider Tip:
The exterior may look dated, but the inside is spotless and has a pleasing atmosphere. Since the Ale House is near the airport, visitors to Maui use the pub as their first stop on the island or their last stop before heading home.