Vibe Bar Maui

Vibe Bar Maui – Enjoy Craft Cocktails in Paradise While Feeling Right at Home
Local Expert's Rating:
4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

When nothing else will do but craft cocktails, good vibes, and friendly service, get on over to the Vibe Bar Maui. Set in the heart of Kihei, this little piece of paradise always serves as a great place to party all evening long. For the ultimate experience, drop by for the Mai Tais, and then stay for the friendships you make along the way.

- The Local Expert Team

Since 2007, the Vibe Bar Maui has proudly served as the top spot in Kihei to enjoy craft cocktails while soaking in the good vibes all around. Their bright aloha spirit brings things together beautifully, too, always making sure you feel right at home in an instant. They’ve easily established themselves as a true favorite of locals and tourists alike as a result. Their bar fills up fast after they open the doors at 7 pm.

Their winning formula starts with an upscale liquor selection along with tons of fresh, local fruits and other excellent ingredients. Then, using those items, their talented mixologists create fantastically flavorful cocktails to remember. Their recipes change on the regular to keep things fresh, although they keep their famous Mai Tai in the rotation always. In fact, if you want to sample all their newest creations, you just have to peek at their chalkboard for the inside scoop.

Be sure to read all the way through their chalkboard announcements to find out what entertainment they might have on tap. They regularly bring in local DJs and other musicians to wow the crowds. The dancing starts in earnest every time, too, making it a great place to work off any extra energy you might have. If you prefer to kick back and relax, that’s an option as well. They have cozy tables set up all around plus plenty of spots at the bar.

You cannot miss their:

Mai Tai
For a tropical kick in every sip, treat yourself to their heavenly Mai Tai. They create this drink using Plantation Pineapple rum plus even more rum for good measure. Then, they add a mix of curacao, lilikoi, lime, orange blossom, and orgeat to bring it all together.

Amaretto Sour
If you’re in the mood for sweet and sour flavors galore, you cannot go wrong with their incredible Amaretto Sour. This craft cocktail begins with Plantation Dark Rum and amaretto. To that, they add lemon, lime, ginger honey, and chocolate bitters. Then, at the end, a frothy egg white topper completes the picture of perfection.

Whenever you’re in the mood for a truly bougie drink, get the Boulevardier, for sure. To create this fan favorite, they mix bourbon, blanc vermouth, and pineapple liqueur with salers aperitif. After that’s well combined, they gently pour it over a coconut water cube to put a bit of a chill on it.

Although they’re open all week long, their live entertainment typically comes through the doors on Friday and Saturday nights. Across the rest of the week, you can stay well entertained by grabbing a board game or deck of cards off the shelf. Their tabletop games typically get a lot of competition going and make it easy to find new friends in the crowd. It’s not uncommon to see loyal patrons coming back time and time again for another round against their long-standing rivals.

Insider Tips:
-Love to get up on stage and sing for the crowds? Swing by whenever they have live karaoke events to sing your heart out while the band plays your favorite tunes.
-If you have a special occasion coming up, ask to hold your party in their space. They happily accommodate parties big and small, doing all they can to take your celebrations to the next level.
-Although it’s not always the case, you may need to pay a cover charge to get into the bar when they have live music playing.