Star Noodle

Star Noodle – Serving Up Noodles, Sake, and Plates to Share in West Maui
Local Expert's Rating:
4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

A true Front Street favorite, Star Noodle proudly serves up all the best Asian fusion flavors, day in and day out. By pairing up their noodles and share plate delights, you’re sure to build a meal to remember, especially when sake lands alongside. Just be sure to make your reservations since this eatery fills up fast, although takeout is available if you want to fly by the seat of your pants.

- The Local Expert Team

Star Noodle is the place to go in West Maui when you’re craving bright Asian fusion flavors. All their noodles steal the limelight, but they reach their true potential when paired with their share plates. There’s just something a bit magical about getting bites of Miso Salmon, Steamed Pork Buns, and Teriyaki Chicken in between all the noodle-y goodness.

In addition to all their regular menu items at Star Noodle, they often roll out specialty dishes. Available until they run out, these dishes take all the fresh, local ingredients to the next level through their unique preparations. Instead of just making basic Tempura Shrimp, for example, they elevate theirs by pairing them with their exquisite garlic aioli and faux’nagi sauce. Craving turf over surf? Their Rib Eye will undoubtedly hit the spot with its yuzu butter, sake soy sizzle, and fresh island greens.

Speaking of sake, they run a full bar featuring all the best sake varieties, including Zipang Sparkling, Hiro Red Label, and Yuri Masamune Honjozo. If you’d like a little something different, you can get your brew of choice or enjoy wine by the glass or bottle. Or you can choose from their Star Bar specials, which combine many different types of liquor with tropical flavors of all kinds. One of the most popular special drinks at Star Noodle, the aptly-named Celebration, features passion-orange-mango vodka and Mio Sparkling Sake plus plenty of yuzu juice.

With their location right along Front Street, you get to enjoy all these amazing food and drink creations while taking in the gorgeous view all around. Whether you sidle up to the bar or lounge in their open-air dining area, you get a clear view of the brilliant blue water and equally dazzling skyline.  

You’re sure to love these items at Star Noodle:

Pohole Salad
Upon getting a taste of the Pohole Salad, you’ll likely end up planning your next trip to this eatery before you even walk out the doors. This starter salad features decadent Hana fiddlehead fern, onion, and kombu, or edible kelp, as the base. Then, they add plenty of beautifully prepared ika and ebi, or squid and shrimp, to further heighten all the fresh island flavors. 

For a delightful mix of fresh produce prepared with plenty of flair, treat yourself to the Gailan. To create this share plate, they fry up Chinese broccoli and then coat it in their su miso sauce and sesame seeds. Fried garlic goes over the top for an extra dose of rich flavor. 

Adobo Ribs
Available as a limited-time specialty dish, the Adobo Ribs feature bold flavors that’ll leave you singing their praises far and wide. They make this dish by covering pork ribs in black pepper and garlic plus shoyu and vinegar. Then, they cook them up to perfection to ensure every bite is melt-in-your-mouth tender and wholly delicious.

Garlic Noodles
Made fresh daily, the Garlic Noodles are always the talk of the town, although they are a relatively simple dish. This fan-favorite starts by combining fresh noodles with fresh garlic in the frying pan. As the noodles fry up, they get scallions and their flavorful dashi, or soup stock, before sliding onto the plate. Then, fried garlic goes on top just prior to serving.

Want to grab a seat as you walk through the doors of Star Noodle? You’re going to need a reservation. Without booking your table ahead of time, you’ll need to hop on their waiting list and hope something opens up soon. If you prefer to skip ahead to grubbing on your selections, just order takeout instead and head over to Baby Beach to eat at a picnic table or right on the sand.

Insider Tips:
-If the parking lot is full when you arrive to Star Noodle, just look up and down Front Street for an open spot along the road.
-Although you can call to make your reservation, it’s much easier to book your seat through the Star Noodle website.
-There’s no keiki menu, but all the dishes are served family-style for all to enjoy.