Indulge in the Freshest Farm-to-Table Experience on Maui at Pacific’O
The Bottom Line:

Taste top-quality, hyperlocal organic foods at Maui’s Pacific’O restaurant near Lahaina Harbor. Dine overlooking the water on high-end, farm-to-table dishes that have wowed those on Maui for more than 20 years.

- The Local Expert Team

Few spots around Maui have as deep of a dedication to freshness as Pacific’O. This seafood restaurant on the west side of Maui is just steps from the Lahaina Harbor, one of the kitchen’s sources for local ingredients. Fresh fish and seafood from the harbor, produce from the garden, and freshly grown and ground coffee appear on the menu of this restaurant in flavorful, creative dishes, making it a truly farm-to-table experience.

While the food brings most people here, the ocean view is second-to-none. While most people will want outdoor seating on the open patio, even the tables inside have views to the ocean through open french windows that also allow refreshing breezes inside.

Service is also top-notch with most visitors reporting outstanding attention and care from the time they arrive until they leave.

Like the front-of-house staff, the bar staff members dedicate themselves to providing guests with great offerings and experiences, including creative drinks that use farm-to-bar ingredients. A glance at the drink menu will show you the bar’s twists on classics such as the Tea Thyme and Maui Gold Fashioned. You’ll even find a seasonal drink based on the best available ingredients and the bartender’s creative use of them.

Seasonally available ingredients also impact the food menu. To give guests the best dishes from the freshest seafood and produce, the chef regularly updates the options available. You’ll encounter new dishes every time you visit Pacific’O.

Try some of the following top dishes from the menu at Pacific’O:

Banana Bread Ice Cream Sandwich
Simple and comforting, the Banana Bread Ice Cream Sandwich makes a light cap for the end of a hearty meal. Slices of banana bread sandwich vanilla bean ice cream. Sprinkles of toasted macadamia nuts top the slices of ice cream sandwich. Save some room for this dessert at the end of your meal.

O’o Farm Mixed Olives
If you’ve never experienced locally grown and processed olives, you need to order the O’o Farm Mixed Olives as a side from Pacific’O. The restaurant grows the olives on its O’o Farm, also located on Maui. The tiny olives are highly flavorful and a great side or appetizer for your meal.

Steak Frites
While this restaurant focuses on seafood and fresh produce, it also serves a flavorful ribeye entree. The Steak Frites is a freshly prepared 12-ounce ribeye with a side of french fries and fresh vegetables. It’s hearty fare that satisfies those who come and don’t want seafood.

Marlin Mai Tai
Marlin Mai Tai pairs lilikoi beurre blanc with a sweet soy reduction. Lilikoi is yellow passion fruit, and beurre blanc is a French sauce usually made by mixing butter into a reduction of vinegar, white, and shallots. The combination brings a sweet and savory flavor to the fish. Papaya salsa, lemongrass steamed rice, and green beans round out this tasty fish dish.

A farm on the island to provide fresh fruits, vegetables, and coffee, while seafood from the harbor yards away ensures that when you dine at Pacific’O, you will always have the freshest food. This restaurant was the first farm-to-table option on Maui, and it continues to excel at providing flavorful food, great service, and unparalleled ocean views.

Insider Tips:
-If you love the food at Pacific’O, take a breakfast or lunch tour of the O’o Farm in upcountry Maui. You’ll see where the produce was grown for your dinner at Pacific’O and have the chance to enjoy a meal as part of the tour package.
-Parking can be difficult, especially with a highly popular luau next to the restaurant. Try the paid parking garage or street parking if you cannot get a spot in the surface lot across the street.
-Be careful driving by the area that you don’t miss the restaurant. Its beach-side seating means the restaurant sits farther back from the road than other places. Use your navigation system to find it