Lava Java Coffee Roasters of Maui

Lava Java Coffee Roasters of Maui – Get Island Grown Coffee and Tasty Baked Goods While in Kihei
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4 / 5
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If you want to get energized for all your Kihei adventures, look to Lava Java Coffee Roasters of Maui for all you need. They only use locally grown coffee in all their drinks, including their signature Frozen Mocha, the Granita. Baked goods round out their offerings perfectly, too, especially when you need to get fueled up for fun in the sun.

- The Local Expert Team

Whether you want to kickstart the day in style or swing by for a quick pick-me-up, set your sights on Lava Java Coffee Roasters of Maui for what you need. Located in Kalama Village, this ultra-cute coffee shop makes it their mission to serve the highest-quality coffee around. They specialize in freshly brewed coffee grown and roasted right on the island by the Patterson family. Their branded beans are so popular that they sell them by the pound as well.

They have their roasted local coffee delivered twice a week to ensure you always get the freshest flavors around. Each new shipment of beans land on the shelf within 48 hours tops, too, plus sells out fast. They don’t even grind their beans until ready to use or requested by their customers. So, you’re never left with stale beans or a low-quality cup of coffee. Although Maui coffee is the name of the game, they keep a wide variety of Columbian varieties on hand as well.

With so many coffee varieties available, it just makes sense that they leave it up to you to decide what kind you want. When you order a drink, just let them know what beans to use, and then select your preferred additions. Their peaberry varieties are the most popular due to its rarity and rich, robust flavors. But you really cannot lose no matter what you order. Just don’t forget to add a snack to the mix to take your coffee-sipping experience to the next level.

Their coffee beans make great souvenirs, as do all the other Hawaiian-inspired items inside their shop. So, be sure to shop around a bit to see all the cool trinkets and such they have on tap. They’re an authorized dealer of Original Red Dirt products, too, letting you get iconic t-shirts and more without worrying about knockoffs.

You definitely should try their:

Frozen Mocha
Lovingly known as the Granita, their signature Frozen Mocha brings chocolate and coffee flavors together perfectly. As it’s the only blended drink on the menu, they hand out samples to all who come in. If you’d like a full drink of your own, just let them know and they’ll mix up a new batch.

Chai Tea Latte
With its warm spices and creamy finish, the Chai Tea Latte always gets rave reviews. They create this drink by infusing black tea with a variety of warm spices, including cinnamon and cloves. Then, they add steamed milk to the mix and top it with a flourish of foam.

Banana Bread
The fresh baked Banana Bread goes great with all their coffee drinks, although the Café Au Lait is the perfect pairing for this sweet treat. This delicious snack always comes loaded with banana flavor and boasts an incredibly moist texture. You’ll want to savor the bread between sips of coffee to get the full island flavor experience.

If you want to enjoy the magic of the island well after returning home, go on their website to get their beans delivered right to your doorstep. They sell all their most popular varieties freshly ground and as whole beans in eight ounce and ½ pound packages. If you’re not sure what types to order, you can get a gift pack sampler to try several varieties one after another. Or you can buy six bags separately and get free shipping on your order.

Insider Tips:
-They often offer a discount on their variety packs, so check back often to save money on your favorites.
-Want to keep it sugar-free? Ask about their no sugar coffee syrups when ordering.
-If you need to skip the dairy, they also have soy, almond, coconut, and oat milk creamer.
-You can almost always count on encountering a long line. So, be prepared to wait at least 15 minutes for your order.