Ichiban Okazuya Hawaii

Ichiban Okazuya – A Humble Wailuku Eatery Creating Flavorful Japanese Classics to Order
The Bottom Line:

At Ichiban Okazuya, they make it their mission to serve up all the most flavorful Japanese classics with a smile. Their humble eatery might not look like much at first glance, but it’s a true staple of Wailuku. All their food gets served takeout style, so plan to grab your favorite items and head to the beach.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Are you in the mood for flavorful Japanese classics made with fresh ingredients and time-honored recipes? If so, put Ichiban Okazuya on your radar for your next meal. A family owned and operated joint, this humble eatery keeps things simple yet never skimps on the flavor. They just focus on building meals to remember, and then serving them takeout style with a smile.

Every last dish is as delicious as the last, too, making it difficult to choose what to order at every visit. In fact, all their food is so good that no one can agree on a favorite. Loyal patrons go head-to-head on whether the Pork Katsu, Teriyaki Chicken, or their many other dishes come out as the clear winner. So, you can definitely count on ending up fully impressed with your food, no matter what you order.

To get a chance to try it for yourself, you’ll need to either call your order in ahead of time or get in line. They have separate windows for providing your in-person orders, paying for phone orders, and picking up your food. If you’re not sure where to stand in line, just ask someone for the details and they’ll point you in the right direction.

The crew always works fast, so you won’t end up waiting long. Just be sure you’re ready with your order and payment when you approach the first window. Then, listen carefully for your order number while waiting at the second. Don’t forget to ask for sauces ahead of time as well, so you can help keep the lines flowing toward the goal.

Although they used to have picnic tables set up out front, they’re gone for now. Thankfully, all their items come out in perfectly portable takeout boxes you can take on the road. You can then easily transport your meal to the beach or just go back to your hotel room if you prefer.

Stop by to try the:

Vegetable Tempura
For wonderful veggie flavors wrapped in a crispy crust, get the Vegetable Tempera. To create this popular starter, they dip a variety of veggies in tempura batter, including eggplant, zucchini, sweet potato, broccoli, and cabbage. Then, they fry them up until golden brown and serve them piping hot.

Korean Chicken
With its sweet and spicy flavors, the Korean Chicken pairs beautifully with rice and mac salad sides. When you order this dish, they slice up the chicken, dip it in batter, and fry until perfectly crisp. Then, they toss the chicken in their secret sauce and serve it with their signature sides.

Chow Fun
When nothing else will do but pure noodle-y goodness, the Chow Fun is the way to go, for sure. This dish features wide rice noodles fried with cabbage, carrots, and other delicious veggies. Then, they add their house sauce to the mix to take all the flavors to the next level. Although you can get it as a side, it’s better as the main course. Pair it with kimchi to add more than a little bit of spice to your life.  

Their generous portions almost always mean that you’ll have a hearty snack for later. Plan to take your containers back to the hotel fridge to keep them fresh until your belly settles. If you want to make it a whole meal once again, get the Cold Udon to enjoy with your leftovers. Prefer to avoid having to cart your dish around town? Get an order to share and pair it with gyoza or other starters.

Insider Tips:
-Their kimchi has quite a kick, so only order it if you can handle its spiciness.
-They’re happy to sub out the rice for a different side. It’ll just be an extra charge.
-The lunch rush starts at noon while the dinner crowd starts coming through at 4 pm. Avoid those times if you want to skip the longest lines.
-Although they used to be cash-only, they now accept debit and credit cards on orders over $10.