The Gazebo

Gazebo Restaurant at Napili Shores – Offering Open-Air Dining at Its Finest in Lahaina
The Bottom Line:

For all the Hawaiian favorites served in big portions, you cannot go wrong with a trip over to the Gazebo Restaurant at Napili Shores. Set in the heart of Lahaina, this open-air eatery treats you to a memorable dining experience from start to finish. They don’t take reservations, so expect to wait in quite a line no matter what time you arrive.

- The Local Expert Team

For an amazing meal complemented by equally fantastic ocean views, jet on over to the Gazebo Restaurant in Lahaina. Hidden at the tail end of the Napili Shores condo community, this restaurant never fails to impress with their Hawaiian classics served up in huge portions. From Banana Mac Pancakes and Corned Beef Hash to Monte Cristo Sandwiches and Kalua Pork Lunch Plates, they truly have it all.

In order to get a taste, you’ll need to queue up behind all the other people eager to enjoy all this open-air restaurant has to offer. They roll out the ropes bright and early each morning to keep the line neat and orderly. Then, the staff hits the ground running in making all their patrons’ favorite dishes to order using fresh, local ingredients.

Upon landing at the front of the line, you’ll get a friendly aloha and finally get your chance to provide your selections. After that, you can just grab a seat undercover in the open-air dining room or sit out on the pool deck. The outdoor tables feature big shade umbrellas that keep you protected from the intense sun rays without impeding the view. From virtually all angles, you can count on enjoying views of the nearby Napili Bay and the open ocean beyond.

Once your items are ready, the staff will bring them out to your table for your enjoyment. If you need anything, let them know at that time because they likely won’t be back to check in after that. The restaurant simply stays far too busy for one-on-one service, after all, especially during the breakfast and lunch rush.

Despite that, you’re bound to have a memorable dining experience. The food alone is well worth the visit, although the view really brings it all together. Visit early in your trip to see why the line goes out the door from open to close. And then, get ready to swing back through later to try even more items on their menu.

Fan favorites on their menu:

Macadamia Nut Pancakes
There’s perhaps no better way to start your day off right than with a big plate of their Macadamia Nut Pancakes. They start this dish by cooking up light and fluffy pancakes that are as big as the plate. Then, they load them up with locally made coconut syrup plus tons of chopped macadamia nuts.

Big Kahuna Omelet
A definite fan favorite, the Big Kahuna Omelet demands that you bring your full appetite and then some. To create this dish, they whip up eggs and throw them down in the pan to get set up. After that, they add a ton of chopped bacon, Portuguese sausage, mushrooms, avocado, and pepper jack cheese. Home fries land alongside to complete this picture of perfection.

Cajun Chicken Lunch Plate
If you’re craving a Hawaiian-fusion plate lunch to remember, go with the Cajun Chicken. This dish starts with beautifully seasoned chicken breast grilled up just right. Then, they put it on the plate with two gigantic scoops of white rice plus a well-dressed salad complete with two Maui onion slices up top. Ripe sliced papaya lands alongside the chicken as well, giving you a sweet and savory touch to remember.

If you prefer to skip the line, call to order takeout. Call before stepping foot out of your hotel room and they’ll have your items ready when you arrive.  To pick up, just go around the back of the restaurant. Then, walk over to Napili Bay Beach and settle in under the palm trees to enjoy your meal while taking in the view.

Insider Tips:
-As a patron of the restaurant, you’re welcome to park your car in the parking lot for the Napili Shores condo community.  
-Resist the urge to feed the birds while visiting the restaurant. Their expectation for food makes them a nuisance to the staff and their patrons.