Belle Surf Cafe

Belle Surf Café – Get Ultra-Fresh Smoothies, Bagels, and More in the Heart of Lahaina
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5.0 / 5
The Bottom Line:

When you need a refreshing beverage and a quick bite to eat between all your Maui adventures, zoom on over to the Belle Surf Café. At this quaint Lahaina eatery, they go above and beyond in handcrafting every menu item using fresh, local ingredients. Then, they serve up each item with flair while sending tons of aloha your way.

- The Local Expert Team

Are you searching for a place to refuel before heading out on more Maui adventures? If so, you just need to swing by Belle Surf Café for truly reinvigorating food and drinks. All their loaded toast, bagels, and more boast big flavor in every bite, plus all the nutrients you need to power your island explorations. Their cold brews, smoothies, and other refreshing beverages are equally good, allowing you to build a meal to remember at every visit.

All their food and drinks start with the selection of the freshest local ingredients around. They focus on getting organic fare whenever possible, so you never have any pesticides or other unwanted extras in your selections. Then, the team takes those items to the next level by using innovative recipes dreamed up on a regular. They have to keep things changing, after all, to ensure they can take full advantage of the seasonal produce.

In order to get a taste of what they’re serving up, you’ll need to swing by their quaint open-air eatery. They’re a counter service establishment, so walk right up to the front and put in your order. After that, grab a seat at one of the many tables across their cozy dining room. Once your items are ready, the team will swing them by your table and let you know to come back up to the counter if you need anything else.

Their bright aloha spirit will instantly let you know that you’re welcome to make yourself at home. You can kick back and relax for as long as you’d like, although you’re likely raring to go enjoy even more fun in the sun. If you want to keep the deliciousness going all day long, consider getting a sandwich to go for later. They’re also happy to make you a drink for the road if you’d prefer that as well.  

Their top menu items include:

Cold Brew
When you want to kick your day into high gear in an instant, treat yourself to a Cold Brew. They create their brew the night before to let the robust flavors build in the fridge. Then, when you order it, they’ll add whatever cream you’d like plus the syrup flavors of your choice. You can also add an extra shot of espresso if you need even more caffeine on your side, plus whipped cream for an extra charge.

Jade Sea Smoothie
If you’re craving bright tropical flavors, you cannot go wrong with the Jade Sea Smoothie. This awesome drink begins with pineapple and banana blended until smooth. To that, they add coconut oil, spirulina, and macadamia nut milk to bring it all together and amp up the nutrients. Want to take it to the next level? Get chia seeds, hemp seeds, ginger, almond butter, or any other additions for a little bit extra.

Norwegian Bagel
The Norwegian Bagel beautifully pairs smoky seafood with ultra-fresh produce to create the perfect flavor combination. When you order this dish, the team splits an everything bagel in half and slathers each side in cream cheese. Then, they pile on the smoked salmon, tomatoes, red onions, and capers. Himalayan pink salt, black pepper, and olive oil go over the top right before serving.

They no longer serve their signature crepes, although that may change in the future. With its mix of cashew butter, strawberries, bananas, and mocha sauce, The Sunshine toast is the closest thing to their crepes for now. The sweet flavors serve as an excellent dessert, too, whenever you want to finish your day off right.

Insider Tips:
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-Just coming back from your outdoor adventures? Feel free to wash up at their outdoor washing station before coming inside.
-You’re welcome to select add-ons to customize any of their dishes to your liking. Just be prepared to pay an extra fee for each item you add.