Poke Bob’s

Poke Bob's (Formerly Harley's Babs N' Bowls) - Kebab Food Truck in Hana
The Bottom Line:

Poke Bob's (formerly Harley's Babs N' Bowls) is a food truck located on within a food truck area on the outskirts of Hana. Here, you will find a mix of juicy kebabs, spicy poke bowls, and fresh sushi burritos. 

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Entrepreneurship is strong across the Hawaiian islands. No matter where you go across the islands, you are likely to run into a myriad of folks plying their trades and crafts in places other than traditional brick-and-mortar locations. Harleys Babs N’ Bowls is one such place; a food truck on the outskirts of Hana.

Poke Bob’s (formerly known as Harley’s Babs N’ Folk) is a food truck but one with a pretty permanent location on the very western shores of Maui, on the edge of Hana. In fact, this dining spot is located less than a block south of Hana Ball Park on Hana Highway. Poke Bob’s is actually one of about a half dozen food trucks and carts that have a location on this paved lot, and so it’s hard to miss the turn with plenty of bright signage pointing passersby to the food. 

Once you’ve parked or walked into the lot, it’s hard to miss Poke Bob’s with its bright white paint job with Poke Bob’s crawled across the side in large block letters. Just to the side of the truck itself, there is often a covered patio seating set-up to offer on-site dining surrounded by lovely tropical-like landscaping. 

Of course, first, you have to decide what to order. This place has a short menu, but it does excel in those few specialties it does focus on, including poke bowls and burritos.

A few of the premier choices at Harley’s Babs N’ Bowls include:

Sushi Burrito
A delicious mash-up of cuisines, the Sushi Burrito at Poke Bob’s stars fresh ahi poke (also available on its own) mixed with cucumber, onion, rice, furikake, and spicy mayo, and all wrapped up tightly within a Nori wrap. This is a fantastic menu item to enjoy on the go, such as to the beach or one of the nearby Hana parks.   

Seasoned Tri-Tip Steak Kebabs
Kebabs are a big part of the menu at Poke Bob’s, with the Seasoned Tri-Tip Steak kebabs being among the most popular. You get a pair of kebabs with this order, each coming ladened with juicy cuts of beef stabbed between cuts of vegetables like cherry tomatoes, peppers, onions, and zucchini. Each kebab order comes as a plate served with rice and a small house salad.

We will note that despite being in operation for over three years now, Poke Bob’s does not have that wide of a reputation. Harley’s Babs N’ Bowls is a small operation, owner-owned and owner-operated. Most times you visit, the chef and owner will be the only ones behind the window; both ready to take your order and prepare your meal. We would recommend this spot primarily for those hungry for a kebab in specific or, if the season is right, fresh ahi served burrito-style.  

Insider Tips:
-Take great care in entering the parking lot in a vehicle with little ground clearance. That’s because the entrance here is steep with an extreme leveling out at the bottom which can cause your own vehicle to bottom out. Better to park just a bit further up the street (you will see a larger shoulder on Hana Highway less than a block west of the food truck area) and walk down than risk the damages if you are unsure. 
-On the same property as the kebab food truck, you will also find Thai Kitchen and Sassy Tacos. The first offers delicious Thai food on the go and the second specializes in savory fish tacos.