Maui Candy Co.

Maui Candy Co. - Popular Maui Candy Shop Located Near the Airport
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4 / 5
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The Maui Candy Company is a popular local sweets company that makes its own gummies and other candies, as well as offers other branded candies and toys for sale. 

- The Local Expert Team

Are you in the mood for something sweet on Maui? Then look no further than the beloved Maui Candy Company that serves up just what its name describes.

You will find the Maui Candy Company located within the open-air Maui Mall Village Shopping Center. This is one of Kahului’s popular shopping districts and is conveniently located just a few blocks from the island’s biggest airport, making it an easy stop to load up on some travel sweets. 

This Maui Mall Village is actually a relatively new location for Maui Candy Company. Owner Kelly Henning initially opened up the sweets shop in 2017 in Kihei but opened up this retail mall location in 2020. Initially, it was just supposed to be a pop-up shop that would last through only the Christmas season. But its popularity skyrocketed and Henning eventually closed the Kihei location to focus on this one. 

The Maui Candy Company boasts a spacious interior with plenty of shelves, countertops, and candy racks to browse and explore. And there certainly is a lot to explore. This location is renowned for having a very unique selection of candies that feature classics as well as nostalgic finds. They also have an assortment of children’s toys and pop items, such as Pokemon cards, fidget toys, and stuffed Hello Kitty merchandise. Every holiday, the entire interior transforms to include premier seasonal toys and treats.

Walking into the Maui Candy Company can easily feel overwhelming as there are simply so many choices. If this is your first time, we recommend choosing from one of the business’s Maui-inspired treats as this company doesn’t just sell candies, they also make their own. Popular Maui-inspired flavors of their homemade Tropical Saltwater Taffy include Kula Strawberry, Haleakala Sunrise, and Makawao Mango. They also make their own gummies that, like the saltwater taffy, are largely sourced from island flavors with Maui-inspired names.

If you find yourself hungry for Maui Candy Company’s unique flavors and treats long after you leave the island, then you can order their treats for delivery to you. They even offer free Priority shipping to anywhere on the mainland or Hawaii on all candy orders of over $75. 

Insider Tips:
-The cornerstone of this shopping center is the Regal theater which features three large movie screens regularly showcasing the hottest titles.  Stock up on treats at Maui Candy Company first, and then go enjoy your choice movie pick. 
-A visit to the Maui Candy Company and other shops in the mall is one way to spend some extra time before a flight. But if you’re looking for a bit more nature during this respite, maybe grab a bag of gummies here and then head over to the nearby Kanaha Pond State Wildlife Sanctuary.