Genki Sushi

Genki Sushi – Ultra-Fresh Fish and More Served by the Bullet Express in Kahului
Local Expert's Rating:
4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

At Genki Sushi, all your orders arrive on the Bullet Express, making it a whole lot of fun to fill up on ultra-fresh fish and more. This popular Kahului eatery won't break the bank either, despite their commitment to only using the freshest local ingredients. They stay busy all day as a result, so don’t be surprised if you have to wait for a table.

- The Local Expert Team

When you want a great meal served with a whole lot of fun, get on over to Genki Sushi. Located right in the Maui Mall Village in Kahului, this popular eatery sends all your orders flying out of the kitchen on the Bullet Express. To get what you want, you just tap a few buttons on the tableside tablet and the kitchen staff gets to work. Table service falls to the wayside, however, since you order up your own items and get them delivered on a fancy conveyor system.

The sheer novelty of the experience – along with the quality of the food – makes up for the minimal service. As each item arrives by train, it becomes quite clear that they only use the finest ingredients to handcraft their sushi and more to order. The dishes all arrive artistically plated and full of bright, bold colors. The rich flavors in every bite aim to impress as well, making it difficult to stop ordering new things to try.

With so many items on their menu, you’d have to swing by dozens of times to try them all. They have a little something for everyone, including rolls, nigiri, bowls, sashimi, and temaki. On top of that, they have tons of delicious sides, ranging from Miso Soup and Spicy Edamame to Stuffed Mushrooms and Salmon Karaage. You can order all their offerings one by one – or get their Genki Sets or other well-curated assortments.

Just be sure to pay close attention to the plate price when you order. Each plate color has a different price, so your server can come by and add it all up at the end. The app also shows your total as you go, making it easy to keep track before the bill arrives.  

You cannot miss their:

Ebi Fry
When you want to whet your appetite with crunchy deliciousness, get the Ebi Fry. They create this side by breading fresh shrimp in panko, and then deep-frying it until golden brown. You get two per order plus dipping sauce, so you can pair with another side or double up.

Poke Roll
For sushi goodness with a Hawaiian kick, treat yourself to the Poke Roll. This sushi roll comes with all the best island flavors, including a scoop of freshly prepared poke on top. The fresh ingredients shine through in every bite, as do the decadently rich sauces.

Spicy Tuna Bowl
Are you looking to scoop up bite after bite of ultra-fresh fish? If so, the Spicy Tuna Bowl is the way to go. This dish starts with a bed of perfectly prepared rice. Over that, they pile on their spicy tuna poke for your pure enjoyment. Pair with the Sashimi Combo to add even more fish to the mix.

Do you have a special event coming up? Or are you just trying to feed a crowd with ease? If so, you need their Party Platters in your life. They have four sushi platter assortments to choose from, plus a Genki Box and California Platter. Each one offers big savings over buying their menu items by the plate – and they’re convenient to grab and go on demand. Just be sure to call ahead of time to make sure they have what you need when you arrive.

Insider Tips:
-Want to skip all the fanfare and just get ready to eat up? Put in your order online, and then take it to go to avoid having to wait for a table.
-If you’d like to share your love for this sushi shop wherever you go, buy their branded t-shirts to wear proudly on all your travels. You can buy them in the shop or go through their website.
-When dining in a group, they will not seat you until everyone shows up.