Lanai Ocean Sports

Lanai Ocean Sports – Offering Scuba, Snorkeling, Fishing, and So Much More
The Bottom Line:

Lanai Ocean Sports lets you get out on the water and experience the magic of the oceanside at your leisure. With their crew at the wheel, you can go scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, or simply enjoy a sunset cruise. Private charters are available as well, but you must be a guest at the nearby resorts to partake in all the fun.

- The Local Expert Team

At Lanai Ocean Sports, they make it their mission to treat you to adventures to remember all throughout the year. Only available to guests of the Four Seasons and Sensei resorts, their ocean experiences let you appreciate the beauty all around while making memories to last a lifetime.

You can go scuba diving deep under the surface or skim along the upper reaches on their snorkeling excursions. Or, if you prefer to keep your feet somewhat on the ground, you can enjoy their sunset cruises and deep sea fishing trips instead.

Depending on which adventures you select at Lanai Ocean Sports, you may land on their huge catamarans built for up to 49 passengers or hit the water in their speed boat that seats six. Their knowledgeable crew members pilot the rigs, expertly guiding you to all the best locations for spotting sea creatures and enjoying the views.

In between all the fun, you can grab a drink from the bar, enjoy a catered lunch, or simply kick back and relax in style. The crewmembers promise to keep you entertained as well, sharing fun facts and stories of all kinds.

Although the schedule at Lanai Ocean Sports changes each season, they keep the fun going all throughout the year, even through the winter months. In fact, the winter offers chances to see humpback whales in all their glory, so it’s often a popular time to take their tours.

No matter when you arrive and what you plan to do, be sure to bring along an excellent camera to capture all the greatest moments. Put your camera in a waterproof bag to protect it from splashes. Then, snap your heart out to back up your lifetime of memories with beautiful photos.  

The top activities at Lanai Ocean Sports include:

On the scuba excursion from Lanai Ocean Sports, you’ll go on a two-tank dive at their dive site of choice for the week. They rotate between the 13 popular dive sites along the shores of Lanai. Depending on where you go, you may get to explore coral, lava formations, and everything in between. Interesting marine life is a given as well, not to mention the gorgeous views to and from the site. 

For a relaxing view of the world, you absolutely need to take a snorkeling trip. Although the ship always departs from the Manele Harbor, there’s no telling which snorkel spot you’ll go to on each trip. No matter where you end up, the crystal clear water always offers a phenomenal view of the sea life below the surface. If you’re lucky, you might even get a chance to spot spinner dolphins flitting about nearby.

Available for private groups only at Lanai Ocean Sports, the fishing adventures take you out to where the big fish are always biting. As you drop your line into the ultra-deep water, you have a chance to pull up yellowfin tuna, mahi-mahi, and so much more. You may even catch a Pacific blue marlin while using all the supplied gear to inspire the big ones to have a nibble.

If you’d like to go beyond their scheduled experiences, you can book a private charter with Lanai Ocean Sports all your own. Whether you’re traveling with a big group, an intimate party of two, or just want to fly solo, you can hop on board and enjoy your activities of choice. From fishing and scuba diving to cruising into the sunset and hopping from island to island, the sky is the limit to what you can do. All along the way, the crew will go above and beyond to make your experience magical, ensuring you’re always looking for a way to come back for more. 

Insider Tips:
-You can easily book your ocean experience by going to the Lanai Ocean Sports website and filling out the form. If you’d like to book for a full group or upgrade to a private charter, you’ll need to give them a call instead.
-Refunds are only given if you cancel your standard reservation at least 24 hours before your departure time. Need to cancel your private reservation instead? You’ll need to give them a full 72 hours to get your refund in full.
-If you’re not sure what to wear, just ask the crew before you arrive.