Lanai Adventure Park

Lanai Adventure Park – Experience the Beauty of Lanai While Conquering Great Challenges
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5.0 / 5
The Bottom Line:

The Lanai Adventure Park offers ample opportunities to explore the island beauty while putting yourself to the test. If you’d like to chill out and admire the landscape, go on their zip lines, e-bike tours, and more. Looking to conquer great challenges? Definitely take the time to try their aerial tower and target practice experiences.

- The Local Expert Team

Built alongside the Four Seasons Resort, Lanai Adventure Park lets you conquer phenomenal challenges while appreciating the scenic landscapes all around. At this South Shore Lanai park, they have both on- and off-site experiences to enjoy depending on how you’d like your day to go.

If you’re looking to simply admire the island’s beauty without the hard work, take their zip line tour that sends you soaring through the Kaiholena Valley. Prefer to stay a bit closer to the ground? Go on their guided e-bike or UTV tours instead to explore all the gorgeous greenspaces in style.

For a chance to test your physical fitness, problem-solving abilities, and mental fortitude, you’ll definitely want to try going on the aerial tower adventures at Lanai Adventure Park. The two-story tower challenges you to navigate across tough obstacles while solving interesting puzzles all along the way. There’s even a smaller replica built just for kids if you have any in tow.

If trying to hit the target is more your jam, then sign up for their clay pigeon shooting and archery activities. You’ll get to head out onto the field with your weapon of choice, and then aim for the targets in an attempt to get a high score. Although you might not land at the top of the leaderboards, each visit is a chance to beat your personal record and compete with friends and family.

Teambuilding activities are available, too, in their specially-built challenge course located along the Sensei Resort. This course at Lanai Adventure Park keeps everyone thinking together in how to overcome each obstacle and reach the finish line as a group. Upon finishing the course, it’s likely that your team will have stronger bonds and better problem-solving skills across the board.

The most popular activities at Lanai Adventure Park include:

Set across the Kaiholena Valley, the ziplines let you zoom above the Kaiholena Gulch, Palawai Basin, and many other excellent sights across the island. As you view all the action from above, you can often see guests completing their many other activities, including the aerial tower. You’ll have to look fast though, because the zipline gets going at a rapid clip, pumping up the adrenaline and letting you feel the wind in your hair.

E-Bike Tours
To see the stunning landscape up close, nothing else will do but the e-bike tours at Lanai Adventure Park. Upon signing up, you’ll get to ride their Quietkat electric mountain bikes alongside their knowledgeable guides. They’ll take you down one of four trails through the Kaiholena Gulch and beyond. All along the way, your guides will share interesting facts and stories that keep you riveted mile after mile.

Aerial Tower
The aerial tower offers two stories of unique challenges that’ll have you using all your brainpower and sweating up a storm. Since you’ll be navigating the obstacles at great heights, a CLiC-iT Smart Belay Technology harness will keep you safe and secure while you work. You’ll have up to 90 minutes to make it from start to finish, so be sure to think fast and maintain steady footing all along the way.

In managing all their activities, the crew keeps safety a top priority to ensure their guests have a great time without getting hurt. All participants must meet the age, height, and weight restrictions to go on the zip line tour, challenge course, and aerial park. Beyond that, no one is allowed to participate in their activities while pregnant. People with injuries, especially to the back and neck, are strongly discouraged from participating as well.

Insider Tips:
-Dress for the weather in clothing that allows the full range of movement. Plus, wear well-fitted, closed-toe shoes that offer lots of grip.
-No matter what it looks like outside, plan to get plenty muddy on your adventures at Lanai Adventure Park.
-Kids ages 8 to 12 can participate if an adult is on the course with them. For kids 13 and up, an adult must stay on site, although they don’t have to remain on the course at all times.