Dole Park

Dole Park – Where to Go in Lanai for Picnics, Playtime, and Plenty of Fun
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4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Set in the center of Lanai City, Dole Park serves as a popular community gathering space and great spot to relax after all your island adventures. Picnics, playground fun, and rest in the shade awaits at every visit. And when you’re done? Head out to the nearby stores to shop your heart out.

- The Local Expert Team

Established alongside the pineapple plantation village in the 1920s, Dole Park sits in the heart of Lanai near all the top shops and restaurants. This park space is a perfect rectangle stretching three blocks between Fraser Avenue to the west and Lanai Avenue to the east. North to south, the greenery goes on for just one block, starting at 7th and ending at 8th.

Well-known as the Lanai City Commercial Square, this beautiful green space acts as the main gathering spot for the local community and tourists alike. With its towering pine trees from end to end, Dole Park lets visitors get out of the sun for awhile and rest up between all their island adventures. Grass rules the rest of the park, giving everyone lots of space to spread out a blanket and lie in the shade.

The playground at the center of the park gives young kids a safe place to work off their energy and meet new friends. They can climb the play equipment, go down the slides, and run around to their heart’s content. Many older kids hit the fields to play soccer, throw frisbees, and play other fun games together. Adults may also play pickup games here from time to time, although most come here for a nice stroll amongst the trees.

When it comes to the most popular activity to enjoy at Dole Park, picnics take the cake. With the many pavilions and picnic tables throughout the space, it’s easy to whip up a delicious meal and enjoy it with your friends and family. If they’re all taken, you can just settle down on the grass and get your grub on while the trees provide all the shade you need.

Every year, the Lanai City Pineapple Festival comes to the park to honor its history and the culture of the island. Food is at the center of the festivities as many of the nearby restaurants roll out their most popular dishes. Beyond that, the event fills Dole Park with car shows, arts and crafts, live music, and exciting games. At the end of the night, the event coordinators light off a bunch of fireworks as the grand finale.

Although the pineapple fest is the biggest event of the year, it’s definitely not the only gathering held here. Whenever community members want to host a big event, they pick Dole Park as their venue of choice, especially when the occasion calls for fun and games. Once the festivities die down, everyone tends to jet off on their own, with many landing at the excellent shops and restaurants all around.

Nearby, you’ll find popular spots like the Lanai Plantation Store, Blue Ginger Café, and Dis n Dat. All the local shops and eateries are well worth a look – and it’s a blast to chat up the local business owners about their awesome ventures and daily lives. But before you leave, be sure to stop by the Dole Park sign at the entrance for a photo or two. Plus, consider visiting the World War II memorial to pay respect to the local soldiers that gave their lives for their country.

Insider Tips:
-Need to use the bathroom during your visit to Dole Park? Just look in the community building at the center of the park for the public restrooms.
-Dogs are allowed in the park but need to stay on a leash at all times.
-Read the signs around Dole Park to learn the rules, such as no alcoholic beverages, loud music, or horseplay.
-Free parking is available at Dole Park along both 7th and 8th streets.