Seasport Divers

Seasport Divers -- Long-standing Dive Shop, School, and Tour Outfit in Poipu
The Bottom Line:

Seasport Divers is an outstanding dive outfit that has been operating in Poipu, Kauai for 35 years. If you are on the hunt for exciting new underwater experiences or are in need of upping your diving skills, look no further than this highly-rated business. 

- The Local Expert Team

Kauai is well-known for its lush tropical rainforests (it is called the Garden Isle after all), but its natural beauty isn’t just limited to the land. All around Kauai there is another type of beauty beneath the waterline. Diving areas around Kauai include cool underwater structures, mysterious cavernous, and vibrant coral reefs teeming with marine life. But in order to experience locations such as these, you need to schedule a diving charter, and one diving charter that comes top recommended on the island is Seasport Divers.

Seasport Divers operates out of Hanakaape Bay in Poipu — offering easy access to those staying in one of Poipu’s many resorts. They offer a number of services including guided dives, diving instruction, scuba and snorkel equipment rental, and gear for sale, such as underwater cameras.

Seasport Divers is one of the oldest operating scuba outfits in the read, having been offering lessons and guided scuba diving excursions since 1986. That’s a solid 35 years in the business and each year, they have refined their services and kept up-to-date with all associated equipment. So when you start walking down the dock towards their boat, one of the first things you are apt to notice is just how refined and outfitted their dive boats are. These are boats with massive deck space, hot freshwater showers to remove that salty feel immediately after a dive, and plenty of other purposeful amenities. These well-equipped boats are no doubt part of the reason why Seasport Divers has consistently been rated as among the top diving outfits across the Hawaiian islands. 

Of course, boats and quality equipment are important, but if you don’t have quality staff, then they will never be enough. A friendly, well-experienced, and instructive staff is the second big part of what makes Seasport Divers so well renowned. Whether you’re just learning how to dive or you’re an experienced diver looking for some new waters to explore, this location is wonderfully equipped and staffed to meet your needs. 

When booking an underwater adventure with Seasport Divers, you will have six general trips or excursions to choose from:

Morning Boat Dives
This diving excursion meets up at 7:30 am and is catered towards experienced Certified divers. Dive site locations include Brennecke’s Ledge, Sheraton Caverns, Ice Box, and Fastlanes with depths of between 60 and 100 feet underwater. 

Afternoon Boat Dives 
Both certified and non-certified dives are welcome in this more laid-back diving excursion. Diving feet is between 80 and 100 feet with non-certified divers kept together in a group with a lead.

Tank Boat Dives 
This is a pretty incredible experience that is reserved for small groups only (six people or fewer). Those taking part in this trip will go aboard a massive catamaran and head out to some of the more unique places in Kauai. This trip, however, is only available during the cold-weather months and only on Tuesdays and Fridays. 

Twilight/Night Dives 
Available after-dark on Wednesdays, this excursion is for certified divers only. It can be done either from the shore or via a boat dive. Both offer a unique experience into the brilliant underwater environments that come alive in the night. 

Tank Shore Dive 
Offered every day of the week, this excursion takes place at Koala Landing and is available for both certified and non-certified divers. 

Tank Shore Dive
Same location as the above but you get double the time thanks to this trip including two full tanks to dive with. 

Note, on most of these excursions at Seasport Divers, you do have the option of joining a standing group or booking a private excursion for just yourself and/or immediate friends and family. 

Insider Tip:
If you haven’t dived for a while, consider renting the equipment and doing a refresher at Koloa Landing. This is a good way to get yourself comfortable again before investing in one of the group’s more expensive but also more incredible offshore diving experiences.