Shaka Burgers Hawaii

Shaka Burgers Hawaii – Serving Up Gourmet Eats Out of Their Cozy Food Truck
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5.0 / 5
The Bottom Line:

When gourmet burgers call your name, you can get your fill with a trip over to the Shaka Burgers Hawaii food truck. As the buttery buns, juicy patties, and magical Shaka sauce come together, you’ll wonder where their burgers have been all your life. Their farm-to-table approach makes for excellent plates as well, especially when you’re craving rich hapa gravy.

- The Local Expert Team

Want a taste of gourmet burgers, tasty sides, and saucy goodness? How about all your plate favorites made with farm-to-table ingredients? If that sounds like pure heaven, all you have to do is just zip on over to Shaka Burgers Hawaii to fill up in style.

Although they could take their food truck on the move, they almost always stay posted up across from the Costco Gas Station, making them easy to find when cravings strike. As you walk up onto the lawn, you’ll instantly smell the magic happening inside their small yet mighty food truck. Burgers on the grill, rich gravy simmering on the stovetop, and garlic fries landing on plates all flavor the air itself.

Once you manage to narrow down your selections and put in your order, they’ll quickly get to work putting together your meal. From their meat and potatoes to fresh greens and spices, they strive to use local ingredients in handcrafting every menu item. They even create each thick burger patty by hand using 100% Kauai grass-fed beef before tossing it on the grill. You can count on them preparing every dish with care, too, always taking an extra moment to build even more flavor.

Despite their dedication to serving up sheer perfection, you never have to wait long for your meal to arrive at the window. As they walk up to your car with your order, you’ll undoubtedly find your mouthwatering in eager anticipation of the first bite.

Their top menu items include:

Shaka Fries
Although you’re welcome to have regular fries with your burger, the Shaka Fries are where it’s at. To create this masterpiece, they take their golden, crisp fries and top them with fried garlic crumbles. Then, the whole lot gets their fantastically flavorful Shaka sauce over top. Ask for extra Shaka sauce on the side to ensure every bite gets a taste of that decadent dip. Don’t worry, they won’t judge.

Ti-No-No Plate
The Ti-No-No Plate treats you to a perfect balance of fried meats and bright veggies with each and every bite. This filling dish starts with pork belly fried up until it’s tender inside and crispy outside.  Once that’s done, it gets tossed in a Filipino citrus soy vinaigrette alongside onions and tomatoes. Rice and their daily side land on the plate, too, and help bring all the flavors together.  

Hawaii 5-0
When you want all the best island flavors in every single bite, you cannot go wrong with the Hawaii 5-0 burger. To build this burger, they grill up your seven-ounce patty right when you order it and glaze it in teriyaki sauce. All the while, they caramelize a thick pineapple ring and toast the buttery bun. Then, it all comes together with cheddar cheese and fried onions to create a flavor combo to remember. 

Da Shaka Burger
If you want all the classic burger flavors taken to the next level, set your sights on Da Shaka Burger. This beefy creation starts with a seven-ounce patty grilled up deliciously on a toasty, buttery bun. Bacon jam gets spread on the bun before the cheddar cheese-covered patty lands on top. To that, they add lettuce, tomato, pickle, and onions two ways before drizzling on the Shaka sauce.

Although you only see the team long enough to order and get your food, their friendly demeanor will instantly make you feel like a part of the family. They have a warm Aloha for every guest plus happily answer any questions you may have. Want extra sauce? Need more napkins? Not a problem. They will quickly oblige your requests to make sure you have an excellent dining experience.

Insider Tip:
Always down for a little extra heat? Ask them to sprinkle on the Carolina Reaper before chowing down. Just be careful, it’s wicked hot at first taste, and then builds from there.