Sunrise Coffee

Sunrise Coffee Kauai –Kickstarting Your East Side Kauai Adventures with Bold Brews
Local Expert's Rating:
4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

When you want to start your East Side Kauai adventures with a kick, you can always rely on Sunrise Coffee Kauai to provide what you need. All their well-made espresso drinks are buzzworthy while their Acai Bowls are out-of-this-world delicious. You cannot go wrong with their Avocado Toast either, which uses a very special seasoning blend to punch up the bright flavors even more.

- The Local Expert Team

From their small yet mighty coffee cart in the East Side, Sunrise Coffee Kauai goes above and beyond in concocting tasty espresso blends for all to enjoy. Although their coffee drinks are plenty good enough to start your day off right, they don’t stop there. They offer many delicious breakfast options for you to enjoy alongside your drink of choice.

Their coffee drinks begin with their own personal blend of beans made by a local coffee roaster just for their stand. Dubbed ‘The Sunrise Blend,’ these beans pack a powerful blast of rich, robust flavor that serves as the perfect base for every drink. From there, it’s just a matter of adding all the right syrups and creamers to highlight the shots of espresso.

If you’re not a fan of coffee, you won’t feel left out at the Sunrise Coffee stand. They have several tasty smoothies and juices made with fresh local fruit, including the ever-popular POG, or passion fruit, orange, and guava combo. Want something a little bit fizzy instead? Go with an Italian soda in your flavor of choice.

After you buy your drink, set your sights on Sunrise Coffee’s food menu to see what suits your fancy. Their Acai Bowls highlight all the best island flavors, while their bagels, paninis, and Avocado Toast are always excellent as well. Their gourmet pastries boast a big flavor in every bite and range from ultra-sweet Mac Nut Sticky Buns to savory Ham Egg Cheese Quiche Roll-Ups. Don’t miss out on their Cream Cheese French Toast Muffins, which come in blueberry, strawberry guava, and lilikoi flavors. 

Definitely swing by to try these items at Sunrise Coffee:

Coco Moco Latte
A play on the classic Loco Moco staple, the Coco Moco Latte is every bit as good as the original, although the flavors are (luckily) quite different. Instead of beefy gravy deliciousness, this coffee drink has a mix of chocolate sauce and coconut mixed in with their fresh espresso. Whether you get yours hot or iced, the flavor combination is sure to blow you away. Want to enjoy an icy cold treat instead? Go for the blended option.

Acai Bowl
Upon catching sight of Sunrise Coffee’s Acai Bowl leaving the order window with happy customer after happy customer, you’ll just know you’re in for a treat. These decadent delights start with a big portion of organic tambor acai before getting your toppings of choice. You can choose between banana, berry, or just go gold with both. Whatever you choose, be sure to get their peanut butter drizzle over top for a hearty dose of protein that’ll leave you feeling energized and ready for the day ahead.

Avocado Toast
For a truly decadent start to your day, you can always count on the Avocado Toast. Sunrise Coffee makes this treat with the freshest avocado and a thick slice of wheat bread, promising to win you over from the very first bite. The special everything seasoning that goes over top seals the deal, leaving you wanting to come back for more ASAP.

Sunrise Coffee’s hours change on occasion due to staffing, ingredient availability, and other issues. Most days, you can rely on them to be there until noon, although they may stay open until 1 pm to 2 pm if all is well. If you’re unsure, you can just call ahead to see if they’re keeping their doors open long enough for you to stop by. You never know, they might just hang around if possible if they know you’re on the way.

Insider Tips:
-Heading north after your visit? Watch for cars coming down the hill at a fast clip as you turn out.
-Sunrise Coffee’s gourmet pastry selection rotates on a regular basis, so don’t get your heart set on any particular item on the menu before you arrive. Just check their blackboard for the available options, and then make your decision.