Tiki Iniki

Tiki Iniki - Tropical Island Tiki Bar With Kauai Flair
The Bottom Line:

Tiki Iniki serves classic rum-based drinks in an atmosphere that’s Hawaiian through and through. Come for the Mai Tai, and stay for the party -- it’s one of the most festive on Kauai.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Tiki Iniki serves up classic rum-based adult beverages in a setting that immerses you in the Hawaiian experience. From the drinks to the decor, this place screams Kauai.

The beverages here encompass a good variety, but it’s the stiff rum drinks that locals and tourists order. From the Famous Flaming Zombie that combines five rums to an original Blue Hawaiian, there’s no shortage of spicy, sweet, and otherwise delicious options. Most come in an appropriately themed glass or goblet, with totems and parrots having the most flair.

Accompanying the beverage menu is a decent selection of foods, which primarily serve to slow down the rum’s effects. Pulled Pork Sliders, Sticky Sweet Ribs, Ahi Poke, and Tiki Iniki Spam Musubi are all good, but they recede into the background when a Mai Tai is on the table.

All of this is served in an atmosphere that’s full-on Hawaiian. Sirens (servers) and saucy chefs are appropriately dressed in bright flowers, and Kauai decorations from the 1940s through today cover the walls.

There are a number of bars where you can have a fun time on Kauai. Tiki Iniki is one that will give you that Hawaiian feeling that you’ve been wanting.

A few of our menu favorites at Tiki Iniki include:

Classic Mai Tai
The decor on the walls dates back to the 1940s because the classic Mai Tai was originally created in 1944. The first people to try it proclaimed “maita’i roa ae,” which translates “out of this world.” The two versions here are just as good, if not better. Choose from the less sweet or sweeter variation depending on your preference.

The Famous Flaming Zombie
The zombie even predates the Mai Tai, having been first mixed back in 1934. The Famous Flaming Zombie combines five rums and serves between two and six. Thankfully, there’s some fresh lime and pomegranate syrup to sedate the fire zombie a little.

The Famous Flaming Scorpion Bowl
If a scorpion wasn’t charred by the fire, the gin rum and brandy are strong enough to poison it. People are significantly larger than scorpions, so long as there are at least two to share the bowl. Individuals aren’t allowed to order the punch by themselves.

Blue Hawaiian
A softer drink that matches the bright decor, the Blue Hawaiian is a bar original. Rum, Cherry Heering, pineapple, coconut creme, and lemon are infused with Blue Curacao that gives the drink its color.

Sticky Sweet Ribs
You’ll need something of sustenance to absorb the rum. The Sticky Sweet Ribs are a great choice, coming smothered in a guava shoyu sauce that’s not found on the mainland. Order a full rack, because half won’t do after you take the first bite.

Insider Tip:
This is one place where patrons are highly encouraged to match the decor. Come dressed in a sarong or Hawaiian shirt (a more modern attire), and grab a cheap wig before arriving. You’ll fit right in — and perhaps better than if you came in traditional American clothes.