Imua Coffee Roasters

Imua Coffee Roasters - Coffee Lovers Paradise
Local Expert's Rating:
4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Experience the quaintness of an early morning coffee while enjoying a breathtaking view of a Hawaiian sunrise at Imau Coffee Roasters. Then, take a little of the island back home with you by shipping their roasted beans back to the mainland. Don’t forget about the pastries, which are sourced from a local bakery and are made with all-natural, locally sourced ingredients. 

- The Local Expert Team

Considered a specialized blend of intuition, science, and passion, Imua Coffee Roasters on Kauai, in Wailua on the famous Royal Coconut Coast, offers a unique experience for coffee connoisseurs and novices alike. Each and every roast batch is closely monitored by experts at Imua Coffee Roaster to produce optimal flavors from the natural minerals and sugars contained in each variety. All Imua Coffee Roasters beans are stored in a climate-controlled room and are roasted via a modified Diedrich roaster, which ensures little environmental impact as it features an exhaust filtration system.

Your first impression when walking through the doors will likely be a cacophony of delicious smells that pleasantly permeate the space. It will in essence reach out and say “Aloha” to you as you enter the space. The deep rich furnishings of the shop create a quaint environment that will gently wake you from slumber and get you ready to meet the day. You can enjoy your coffee in the indoor space or carry your drink outside to take in the beautiful sunrise on the covered lanai or simply get it to-go and enjoy it as you stroll along with our beachfront property. 

This quaint coffee shop also offers a selection of pastries and croissants, like pear and fig options as well as ham and cheese varieties as well as the surfer’s special, which for those of you who aren’t familiar with this term, means powerhouse yogurt to fuel the day. Coffee options are plentiful though some reviewers do claim it falls just short of the options one might find at Starbucks. Imau Coffee Roasters is, after all, a specialty shop located in paradise, so perhaps a little less variety but more focus on perfecting those options is in order. You can still enjoy a wide range of coffee brews, americano, and lattes as well as a full espresso bar, drip coffee, and pour-over stations. 

Here are some guest favorites you must try when visiting….

Barista Creations
Imau Coffee Roasters proudly features some of the best barista artists on the island, so be sure to ask for one of their unique creations when visiting the shop.  In addition, the baristas employed by this shop know their craft well and are extremely personable, helping even coffee newbies to select the perfect offering. 

Wholesale Coffee
Don’t forget Imua also sells wholesale packages of its fresh, fabulous coffee in the form of whole beans. You can have this shipped home or enjoy it back at your condo during your visit. 

Pastries Are a Must
The many pastries and yummy food options offered in Imua Coffee Roaster are courtesy of Haole Girl, a local bakery. All baked goods feature locally-sourced ingredients like local honey, are non-GMO products and are 100% farm-to-table. 

Lattes Are Life-Changing
Imua Coffee Roaster lattes have been described as life-changing, and many claim this shop has the best coffee on the island. If you are visiting, why not try a latte at least once during your visit?

Not only does Imua Coffee Roaster offer many options to enjoy inside or in their beautiful shop, but they also are roasters as well, meaning you can purchase whole beans to take back to your condo or ship home, with shipping being free for orders over $40. This means you can send a little bit of the paradise you are currently enjoying back home to the mainland to once again experience the ‘lani kauwahi’ or heavenly place you experienced while visiting Hawaii. 

Insider Tips:
-Imau Coffee Roasters has vegan baked goods and some milk alternatives to accommodate food allergies.
-We highly recommend trying their macadamia nut latte.  It’s just delicious!